Merrill Reese Is A Better Rapper Than DeSean Jackson Without Even Rapping

The other day, my friends over at The700Level unveiled Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson's latest rap track, "Diamonds on My Neck," featuring Snoop Dogg and Yung Chris. It is exactly what you think it would be.

Upon seeing and hearing the song, here's what our very own Justin Tinsley, one of our resident Dallas Cowboys fans, had to say:

I present to you, without (much) opinion, DeSean Jackson's first rap video, "Diamonds On My Chain."
Yes, the title of the song sounds like the last track on a DJ Smallz Southern Smoke mixtape from 2003.
Yes, DeSean's rapping makes Kevin Durant appear like the second coming of Kendrick Lamar.
Yes, everybody who is somebody is Snoop's nephew.
Yes, I remember when Snoop was probably the most feared rapper in America 20 years ago.
Yes, I was hoping and praying J.R. Smith would somehow appear in this video. JaVale McGee, too.
Yes, DeSean is a highly talented receiver who may have one too many "yes men" in his corner.
Yes, Eagles fans should be subjected to this song pregame, at halftime and as they commit random acts of violence as they exit the stadium.
Yes, instead of water boarding, United States military members should force international prisoners to listen to this song ON LOOP for 48 hours straight to pry information out of them.
Yes, and if there is such a thing as a football god, this will be the best highlight from the Philadelphia Eagles' upcoming season.
Yes, I laughed from start to finish.

Granted, he is a Cowboys fan, but I can't disagree with him here on most of these comments. However, if it weren't for DeSean's latest track, we would never have gotten longtime and legendary Eagles radio broadcaster Merrill Reese, with his booming voice and at times over-the-top sarcasm, to do this:

So yeah, it turns out Merrill Reese is a better rapper than DeSean Jackson without even actually rapping.

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