Starting Lineups: Is It More Painful For Portland Or Seattle Fans To Watch Kevin Durant?


With the NBA's arduous regular season finally coming to a close, something we've seen just once in the past five years is slated to occur — someone other than LeBron James taking home NBA MVP honors.

LeBron has won four of the past five MVPs, with only Derrick Rose's remarkable 2010-11 season interrupting a LeBron five-peat. And it looks as though James will be thwarted from his own personal MV3Peat once again, as the majority of folks figure Kevin Durant will win his first MVP.

So with Durant finishing off yet another ridiculously awesome season that is bound to give him the most coveted individual hardware in the game, it got me thinking … who is it more painful for to see Durant ascend to historic, MVP levels, Portland Trail Blazers fans or Seattle Supersonics (RIP) fans?

Think about it. If you're a Portland fan, seeing Kevin Durant tear the league apart and somehow continue to get better hurts twice as bad. Not only does it remind Blazers fans that their team took the oft-injured (and once again injured) Greg Oden over Durant, but watching everything KD does reminds them of when Portland passed over Michael Jordan in order to take Sam Bowie. That's two once-in-a-generation players slipping right through their grasps in favor of 7-footers who are nothing more than footnotes. That can't feel good.

As for Sonics fans — it hurts doubly for them too. Durant was all theirs for one season, taking home Rookie of the Year. And then he was taken from them just like that — along with the entire team. All they got was a little taste before they were left with absolutely nothing, and Seattle never did get to witness firsthand KD revolutionizing the game as essentially a near 7-foot shooting guard. His rookie year, he struggled. Now, he never seems to struggle.

So what do you think? Who hurts more watching Kevin Durant ascend to the MVP and the unquestioned second best player in the NBA, Portland fans or Seattle fans?

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