Starting Lineups: Michael Robinson Knows How To Lead

Amid all the tiring controversy over Marshawn Lynch and his relationship with the media was a display of exemplary leadership. In support of his teammate and fellow backfield mate, Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson stepped up and took the microphone on behalf of the one they call Beast Mode.

No matter your thoughts on Super Bowl Media Day, it was awesome to watch Robinson get his teammate's back. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pro Bowl fullback, this is nothing new.

Michael Robinson has a detailed history of leadership dating back to his college days and I'm sure before. At Penn State, he came in as a quarterback recruit. But with Zack Mills entrenched as the starter following a stellar freshman performance, Robinson agreed to play any position the coaches deemed necessary so his vast talents could be maximized for the good of the team. Thus, he moved around on offense, playing a lot of wide receiver, running back and quarterback, doing a damn fine job at all three.

Then, in his final season in Happy Valley, he took over as the full-time starter at quarterback with Mills departed — and all he did was lead Penn State to the Big Ten Title, take home the conference's Offensive Player of the Year award, win the Orange Bowl and come within literally one second of going undefeated. And while Robinson was not the greatest pure passer in the world, his leadership and physical play were key to Penn State's success.

His versatility and leadership are exactly why he then was drafted in the fourth round by the San Francisco 49ers, where after struggling to find the right fit, he eventually found his niche as a fullback. When he moved on to Seattle, he became a Pro Bowler, a special teams captain, the team's union rep and such a respected leader in the locker room that Richard Sherman had to talk about what a great teammate he was when he was shockingly cut this preseason.

Thankfully, Robinson was brought back in October, and now he'll have a chance to play in his first Super Bowl. He's already shown his worth this Super Bowl week, coming to the aid of his tailback, and he's the reason why I'll be rooting for Seattle to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in Jersey this Sunday.

It doesn't hurt that I had a class with the guy and graduated the same year as him from Penn State, either.

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