The Big Dance: Villanova's Piccolo Girl Not So Sad Anymore

The Final Four is tomorrow night, and as we all know, this year's quartet includes three number 1 seeds and the seventh-seeded Michigan State Spartans. Duke, Wisconsin and Kentucky all lived up to their seedings. The only top dog to underachieve? The Villanova Wildcats, a team that most certainly was nowhere remotely near the best team in school history.

In fact, the Wildcats were actually heartbreakingly bad in their third-round exit. So bad that they made a poor senior band member cry so hard she become a meme and was branded as piccolo girl.


I actually met piccolo girl, whose real name is Roxanne Chalifoux, and she was extremely pleasant, even as she was becoming the internet's favorite sad song of the day.

Since, Chalifoux has been all over the damn place, and as a graduating student of a Philadelphia-area university, she also got to live out what I can only assume was a dream of hers: playing with legendary Philadelphia natives The Roots on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show.

Good for her. At least something good has come out of Villanova choking like dogs in the NCAA Tournament yet again.

So as we watch the three other number 1 seeds continue to fight for a chance at the national championship tomorrow night, let us not forget the one number 1 that did not serve its seeding well. But more importantly, let's remember that these young men and women we poke fun at on the Web are real people with real emotions and real feelings. Sometimes, they take it all in stride and come out a success, the way Roxanne seems primed to do. But sometimes, it can be too much. Just like being a number 1 seed was too much for Villanova.

Let's enjoy the final weekend of college basketball, and let's hope and pray that anyone but Duke comes out victorious Monday night.

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