Detroit Pistons 2023-2024 NBA Season Full Schedule: Many Chances to See NBA's Best Athletes

Pistons Schedule Offers Many Chances to See NBA's Best Athletes

In less than two months, the Detroit Pistons will be back on the hardwood embarking on an NBA season. The Pistons have a slew of high draft picks on their roster, but the future of their team's success is uncertain.

New head coach Monty Williams has 78.5 million reasons to want to work hard for his new team. That’s how much money Williams received in his record-setting contract to come to Motown. Whether Williams can resurrect DEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL remains to be seen.

But, one thing is certain: hoops fans will have many opportunities to see NBA action in downtown Detroit this season, starting with a rivalry tipoff in the first home game of the 2023-24 Pistons season.

On Oct. 28, Detroit will host the Chicago Bulls at Little Caesars Arena to start their home season. While the Bulls and Pistons haven’t played a rugged playoff series against each other in many years, the two cities, Detroit and Chicago, don’t like each other.

Detroit will also host the Trailblazers, Warriors, and Suns in the first weeks of the NBA season. That means many NBA stars will be running up and down the court in the Motor City. And the venue is one of the best in sports.

Little Caesars Arena, situated in the heart of downtown Detroit, stands as a modern marvel that embodies the city's spirit of resilience and reinvention. This state-of-the-art multi-purpose arena is a vibrant hub of sports, entertainment, and community engagement that encapsulates Detroit's rich history and future aspirations.

Pistons Pre-Season Schedule

DateOpponentTime / TVVenue
Oct 12, 2023@Oklahoma City1:00 pmBell Centre
Oct 19, 2023@Oklahoma City8:00 pmBank of Oklahoma Center

Pistons NBA Schedule Oct-Nov 2023

DateOpponentTime / TVVenue
Oct 25, 2023@Miami7:30 pmKaseya Center
Oct 27, 2023@Charlotte7:00 pmSpectrum Center
Oct 28, 2023vsChicago7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Oct 30, 2023@Oklahoma City8:00 pmPaycom Center
Nov 1, 2023vsPortland7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 2, 2023@New Orleans8:00 pmSmoothie King Center
Nov 5, 2023vsPhoenix3:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 6, 2023vsGolden St.7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 8, 2023@Milwaukee8:00 pmFiserv Forum
Nov 10, 2023vsPhiladelphia7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 12, 2023@Chicago7:00 pmUnited Center
Nov 14, 2023vsAtlanta7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 19, 2023@Cleveland7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 20, 2023vsToronto6:00 pmScotiabank Arena
Nov 24, 2023@Denver7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 27, 2023vsIndiana8:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Nov 29, 2023vsWashington7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 30, 2023@L.A. Lakers7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena

The arena, affectionately known as "The Baddest Bowl in Hockey," serves as the home of the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League, and the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association. Its sleek and innovative design, marked by an expansive glass façade, seamlessly blends with the surrounding urban landscape while hinting at the excitement within.

Inside, Little Caesars Arena offers an unparalleled fan experience. The arena's seating configuration ensures that no matter where one sits, they are treated to an unobstructed view of the action. From the deafening cheers during a crucial hockey power play to the roar of the crowd during a game-winning slam dunk in basketball, the arena's acoustics amplify the energy and passion of the fans.

Little Ceasars Arena offers more than just sports: Detroits new hub of innovation

Beyond sports, Little Caesars Arena transforms into an epicenter of entertainment, hosting concerts, shows, and events that cater to a diverse range of tastes. Its versatility allows for seamless transformations from an ice rink to a concert stage, showcasing its adaptability and commitment to delivering top-notch experiences to attendees.

In addition to its sporting and entertainment offerings, the arena also fosters community engagement. It hosts events that celebrate Detroit's cultural diversity, from food festivals to community outreach initiatives. This aligns with the city's narrative of unity and renewal, reflecting its ongoing resurgence.

Little Caesars Arena isn't merely a sports and entertainment venue; it's a symbol of Detroit's determination to rise from challenges and redefine itself as a hub of innovation and vitality. With its modern amenities, captivating events, and unwavering support for the city and its teams, the arena continues to be a beacon that draws people from all walks of life, celebrating the present and envisioning the promising future of both the city and its beloved sports franchises.

41 home games for Pistons in the regular NBA season 2023-2024

The Pistons will have 41 games at home this season in the regular season, and hopefully more in the playoffs. Fans can be certain that NBA action will provide rim-rattling thrills in the 2023-24 campaign.

November 23, a few days before Thanksgiving Day, will be a special opportunity for Detroit sports fans. That day, the Pistons will host the defending NBA champs, the Denver Nuggets. That game will tip off at 7 PM.

Detroit Pistons 2023-2024 Full Schedule below

Pistons Dec 2023 NBA Schedule

DateOpponentTime / TVVenue
Dec 2, 2023vsNew York7:30 pmMadison Square Garden
Dec 11, 2023vsCleveland7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Dec 13, 2023vsIndiana7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Dec 15, 2023@Philadelphia7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Dec 16, 2023@Philadelphia7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Dec 18, 2023@Milwaukee6:00 pmFiserv Forum
Dec 21, 2023vsAtlanta7:30 pmState Farm Arena
Dec 23, 2023@Utah7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Dec 26, 2023vsBrooklyn7:30 pmBarclays Center
Dec 28, 2023@Brooklyn7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Dec 30, 2023vsBoston7:30 pmTD Garden

Pistons Jan 2024 NBA Schedule

DateOpponentTime / TVVenue
Jan 1, 2024vsToronto6:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 3, 2024@Houston8:00 pmToyota Center
Jan 5, 2024@Utah9:00 pmVivint Arena
Jan 7, 2024@Golden St.10:00 pmChase Center
Jan 9, 2024vsDenver8:00 pmBall Arena
Jan 10, 2024vsSacramento7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 12, 2024vsSan Antonio7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 15, 2024vsHouston7:30 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 17, 2024@Washington3:00 pmCapital One Arena
Jan 20, 2024vsMinnesota7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 22, 2024vsMilwaukee3:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 24, 2024vsMilwaukee7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 27, 2024vsCharlotte7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 28, 2024vsWashington12:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Jan 31, 2024@Oklahoma City6:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena

Pistons Feb 2024 NBA Schedule

DateOpponentTime / TVVenue
Feb 2, 2024vsCleveland7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Feb 4, 2024vsL.A. Clippers7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Feb 7, 2024vsOrlando3:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Feb 8, 2024@Sacramento10:00 pmGolden 1 Center
Feb 10, 2024@Portland10:00 pmModa Center at the Rose Quarter
Feb 13, 2024@L.A. Clippers3:30 Arena
Feb 14, 2024@L.A. Lakers10:30 Arena
Feb 22, 2024@Phoenix9:00 pmFootprint Center
Feb 24, 2024vsIndiana7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Feb 26, 2024vsOrlando8:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Feb 27, 2024@New York7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena

Pistons March-Apr Regular Season NBA 2024 Schedule

DateOpponentTime / TVVenue
Mar 1, 2024vsChicago8:00 pmUnited Center
Mar 3, 2024vsCleveland7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 5, 2024@Orlando6:00 pmAmway Center
Mar 7, 2024vsMiami7:30 pmKaseya Center
Mar 9, 2024vsBrooklyn7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 11, 2024vsDallas7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 13, 2024vsCharlotte7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 15, 2024vsToronto7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 17, 2024vsMiami7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 18, 2024@Miami3:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 20, 2024vsBoston7:30 pmTD Garden
Mar 22, 2024vsIndiana7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 24, 2024vsBoston7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 25, 2024@New Orleans3:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 27, 2024@New York7:30 pmMadison Square Garden
Mar 29, 2024@Minnesota8:00 pmTarget Center

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