On Crissy Henderson, Domestic Violence And The adidas Element Refine

With domestic violence emerging from “under the rug” now more than ever in the media, it is refreshing to read about women taking a positive initiative on the matter. And, seeing as October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, there seems to be no better time for Channing “Chan-Lo” Beumer to launch her #ChicksNKicks campaign by going purple to support those affected by domestic violence. To help promote recognition of the cause, Chan-Lo is not only providing facts about domestic violence throughout the month, but also featuring beautiful, resilient women who have a love for sneakers, have survived domestic violence and are using their strength to guide other women to find their own.

The woman featured on Chan-Lo’s campaign is the charming Crissy Henderson, and the sneakers she wears are the adidas Element Refine. Henderson, a model and actress who faced domestic violence in her previous relationship, rocks a clean pair of purple kicks that remind us of Nike's Flyknit series to promote domestic violence awareness. Crissy is not only an amazing woman having the strength to speak up about her past and journey to recovery, but she also used her experience as motivation to create a successful cosmetic line named after her baby girl, Willow Grace.

crissy henderson

Crissy does more to speak up and take action by naming her products after domestic violence survivors. She reveals a community of women who have gone through similar suffering and emerged stronger and bolder than ever. This is her way of inspiring fearful women to take a deep breath and inhale the courage to do what is best for their head, their heart and their lives.

Hearing Crissy speak in the video below not only inspires those women who have suffered from domestic violence, but also those who need encouragement to seek the path leading to their purpose. This magnificent woman emerges from an incredible amount of pain and trauma by transforming her hardships into success. Her words empower women to find tranquility within and take action by pursuing their greatest passion.

Witnessing another woman driven to make a change for the rest leaves one wondering what she can do to uncover her own path, while helping her fellow females along the way. There rises no excuse in her mind to live each day without enthusiasm, love and fervor for a wonderful life. For now, every woman can help Crissy and those affected by domestic violence by purchasing her Big Kiss Plumper at, where a portion of all proceeds go to the Genesis Women’s Shelter.

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