Town Biz: The Ultimate Golden State Warriors Championship Parade Playlist

There’s something about the vibe in the Bay Area: it’s just different. If you visit any city across Northern California, one thing is for sure, the area has some of the most die-hard sports fans in the world. Even if their team is going through a losing season, fans will always represent with jerseys, colors, tailgates, and parties like there is no tomorrow.

Over the past few years, the Bay has been quite victorious thanks to the Golden State Warriors. They won three out of the last four NBA Finals, including this past Friday as they pulled out the brooms to sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although the Dubs won the title on Cleveland's ground, Warriors fans were in full support as they sold out Oracle Arena to watch their squad and cheer them on. As the Warriors and the city of Oakland prepare for the championship parade on Tuesday, it was only right for TSFJ to create a playlist for DubNation fans everywhere. So get hyphy, get stupid and go dumb as you celebrate your 2018 NBA Champions to these Bay Area tunes. It's all about that Town Biz!

E-40, 'Function'

When it comes to rappers hailing from the Bay Area, E-40 is a legend. Being in the music business for well over three decades has earned 40 a lot of respect. He knows how to keep a party going since he recruited Problem, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, French Montana and Red Café for this star-studded remix.

Too $hort, 'Blow The Whistle'

No matter where you go in America, if a DJ is playing a Bay Area-inspired setlist, 'Blow The Whistle' will always be a Too $hort classic.

Lil B, 'Motivation'

Whatever you do in life, never disrespect Lil B the Based God, or you will be cursed for all of your days. Kevin Durant felt Lil B’s wrath for years when the now 2x champ spoke ill of the rapper's music. Lil B lifted the curse once Durant decided to play for the Warriors and KD has been a champion ever since.

2Pac, 'I Get Around'

One of the greatest MCs of all time, 'Pac had a record for any function. 'I Get Around' is a staple to play at any party, and probably one of the coolest music videos you wish you were old enough to be in.

Mac Dre, 'Feelin Myself'

Perhaps you recall Drake saying “My city love me like Mac Dre in the Bay” or when he rode across the San Francisco Bay Bridge for his video 'The Motto.' Well the 6 God has a fascination with the Bay and the late rapper Mac Dre is partially to thank. 'Feelin Myself' could be played at any party and everyone gets hype. R.I.P. Mac Dre.

Kamaiyah feat. Schoolboy Q, 'Addicted To Ballin’'

There’s a new wave of Bay rappers coming to the scene and Kamaiyah is riding it to the fullest. She teamed up with Schoolboy Q on her latest single 'Addicted To Ballin.'' Whenever artists from the Bay and LA team up, you know the song is a smash.

E-40, 'Yay Area'

Uncle E-40 dropped 'Yay Area' during the prime hyphy movement back in 2006. Although the song was released over a decade ago, trust and believe this is a track people will still ghost ride the whip to.

Too $hort, 'Burn Rubber'

Bay legend Too $hort was also a playmaker during the hyphy days. The cool thing about 'Burn Rubber' though is it still has a lot of ‘90s hip-hop elements mixed in.

Keak Da Sneak, 'Super Hyphy'

You might not understand what Keak Da Sneak is saying whenever he raps, but that doesn’t matter when the beat goes so hard! As Keak says, “I’m in the building and I’m feeling like yee!”

Mistah F.A.B., 'Super Sic Wid It'

Another hometown legend and super Warriors fan is Mistah F.A.B. As a season ticket holder over the past several years, you’ve probably seen him sitting courtside rocking his blue and gold gear.

Federation, 'Hyphy'

“When Rick Rock beats, yea fella I rock ya!” Trust me when I say Rick Rock is one of the most prolific producers over the past two decades that deserves a lot more credit. He’s worked with some of your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers and was a pioneer to the hyphy movement. This Federation track was one of his many hits.

SOB x RBE, 'Paramedic'

Kendrick Lamar recruited SOB x RBE to add their Vallejo flair to one of the biggest soundtracks of 2018, Black Panther. The group may be new to the scene, but it doesn’t hurt to have a co-sign from one of the biggest rappers alive.

Sage the Gemini ft. IamSu, 'Gas Pedal'

HBK Gang rapper Sage the Gemini had quite the run when he came on to the scene and 'Gas Pedal' was his claim to fame. Another artist representing the new generation of rappers from The Town.

MC Hammer, '2 Legit 2 Quit'

Longtime superfan MC Hammer is always in the building rooting with DubNation. Whether he’s sitting courtside or arguing with Stephen A. Smith on First Take, Hammer is a ride-or-die for the Warriors. There’s no way to pay respect to the Bay without adding one of his biggest hits to date.

BIGVON, 'Warriors Anthem'

San Francisco DJ Big Von gives fans the perfect intro track to play at a game.

E-40, 'Choices (Golden State Warriors Remix)'

Shoutout to E-40 for always being innovative. He released the original song 'Choices' back in 2014, but when his beloved Warriors were in the playoffs a few months later, he decided to remix it as an ode to Golden State. “Ain’t nobody better than my team (Nope) / Money like Draymond Green? (Yup) / Ain’t nobody finna crush our dream (Nope) / Won’t stop ‘til we get a ring (Yup).”

Willie Joe feat. J Minixx & G Val, 'Stephen Curry'

If you ever heard Willie Joe’s songs, he’s known for making tracks to rep the Warriors, such as former player Monta Ellis. Joe is no different with his nod to Splash Brother Stephen Curry this time. “Haters want to hate, I ain’t ever worried / I don’t miss.. Steph Curry”

Vell feat. DJ Mustard 'Oakland'

If anyone asks where you’re from, just tell them in your best Vell voice, “Cause I’m really from Oakland though!”

G-Eazy feat. A$AP Rocky and Cardi B, 'No Limit'

Rapper G-Eazy is the epitome of new artists coming out of Oakland. It helps when he has legends like E-40 who has supported his career since the beginning. He teamed up with A$AP Rocky and Cardi B on his latest.

Clyde Carson, 'Slow Down'

Shoutout to Clyde Carson for dropping the perfect sideshow song of the 2000s.

Rappin' 4 Tay, 'Playaz Club'

After the Warriors won the 2018 Western Conference Finals, Nick Young a.k.a. Swaggy P told Turner Sports' Ernie Johnson all he wanted to do was turn up! Just picture Swaggy P riding across the Bay Bridge listening to 'Playaz Club' to start off an epic weekend of shenanigans.

Souls of Mischief, '93 Til Infinity'

One of the best songs coming from the West Coast is '93 ‘Til Infinity.' If you’re a fan of ‘ol skool Cali hip-hop, then this song is a definite addition to your playlist.

The Jacka, “Glamorous Lifestyle”

The slow to fast tempo intro on “Glamorous Lifestyle” is one of those infectious beats that can get any party started. After the Warriors annihilated the Cavaliers in Cleveland, let’s just say some of the players are ready to flash their new championship hardware at any given notice.

P-Lo feat. E-40, 'Put Me On Something'

The Bay is known for having a distinct sound and rapper P-Lo never allows people to forget that. He’s one of the few artists who still uses hyphy elements in his music.

JT The 4th, 'Become'

E-40’s newest Sick Wid It Records signee JT the 4th just dropped one of the most ambitious anthems of the summer and it’s not debatable.

Traxamillion feat. Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B., 'The Sideshow'

Probably one of the best album titles known to mankind is Traxxamillion’s The Slapp Addict, simply because you know every beat is a head nod. So get in your whip and turn up the volume on 'The Sideshow.'

Messy Marv, 'Get On My Hype'

If Swaggy P doesn’t have this song in his collection, something is not right in the world. It’s the perfect stunt record, which is ideal for the man telling everyone to call him Swagg Champ from now on. “And I know I’m shining / I’m a factor in the Bay boy / They know I’m timing.”

Mistah F.A.B. feat. G-Stack and Bavgate, 'N.E.W. Oakland'

If you were watching the NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers instigator Kendrick Perkins did a whole lot of trash talking from the bench. Whether he wanted all the smoke with Draymond or Steph, it ended up being a waste of his time. Green or Curry probably had these Mistah F.A.B. lyrics running through their minds, “You run up on me and get your man beat up.” Basically Perkins, these boys live in Oakland, you don’t want these problems.

The Pharcyde, 'Runnin'

There’s going to be times when people are talking bad on your name. A number of sports analysts counted the Warriors out of even making it to the Finals, so the team had to prove their worth. 'Runnin' is all about standing up against the naysayers and bullies, so make sure to add this track to your playlist as the Warriors have brought the Larry O’Brien trophy back to Oakland for the second year in a row.

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