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There’s a Brand New Sports Betting Podcast Coming Your Way!

Get ready folks, because a brand new, rip-roaring US sports betting podcast is on its way to your ears very, very soon - courtesy of the Sports Fan Journal! 

The podcast will focus on the results and goings-on across all major US sports leagues - from the NFL to the MLB, NBA, and beyond. As well as delivering you with their best-betting picks and deals, our hosts will also cover the latest and greatest news stories from the sporting world as well! 

There will also be a flavor of the trans-Atlantic, courtesy of Scottish Mike - an avid soccer fan who will make his weekly NFL picks - despite admittedly knowing very little about football and other US sports!  

When and where can you hear the Podcast? 

The very first podcast will be with you on Wednesday after this weekend’s round of NFL matchups is all said and done. The hosts will start off by reflecting on their picks from the previous week, before offering up their predictions for next week’s round of games. 

Keep your eyes peeled, as you’ll be able to find episode one of this brand new podcast right here at The Sports Fan Journal - so be sure to bookmark this page today!

Meet the Team


This brand new podcast will be hosted by a dynamic trio, consisting of two knowledgeable Americans, and an idiotic Brit. Let’s meet the team below...

Daniel Bernandini

First up, we have TSFJ’s very own Daniel Bernandini - who you may know from his series of fantasy football picks, as well as his unique takes on the goings-on surrounding the NFL and the sports world as a whole. You can click on his name to get a little flavor of what to expect. He is, for better or for worse, an avid Eagles fan. 

Jesse Cox

Dan will be joined by Jesse Cox, who in his own words is a “Middle School Flag Football MVP, Head Coach for Cologne Germany Lacrosse Club, Assistant Lacrosse Coach for the Luxembourg National Team, lover of craft beer and Chief Editor for” 

A native of San Diego, he’s been a Padres fan since ‘91 and a Clippers fan since ‘09. You can find his stuff at and

Michael McKean

Filling in as the color commentator and token clueless Brit, Mike is a Scottish guy who knows a lot about European Soccer, but Jack sh*t about US sports. 


What to expect - betting tips, interviews, news, and a British idiot who knows nothing about US sports!

As well as a look back at the result from the previous round of games, our hosts will also kick off by providing you with their predictions and spread picks for the forthcoming weekend. Dan and Jesse’s will be cool and calculated - Mike’s, less so. 

As well as that, our boys also run over the major sports news stories of the week, interview interesting characters from the world of sports betting and DFS, and bring you a small comedic element via the idiotic Brit who knows nothing about US sports! 

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