5 Early NFL Offseason Storylines to Follow

1) Hatin' on the Ravens: 


I know that Jackson is an electrifying talent on the field and can usually get himself out of a jam with his arm, but is he really better than Vick? Cuz I remember some insane-in-the-membrane games with that dude too... and he never won the big one. I don't want to say the jig is up, but I foresee some dark days in Baltimore when the inevitable injury happens and the backup isn’t ready. My verdict: With the Browns poised to take the lead in the division, can Baltimore really rely on a 1 and a half-trick pony to get to the Super Bowl, let alone the playoffs? No, and they finish behind the Bengals

2) Trouble in Philly: 

The golden duo of Wentz-Pederson (or is it Foles-Pederson?) is no more, only 3 years removed from a Super Bowl victory over the legendary, invincible Brady. After grinding their way to the playoffs last year, a series of daring front-office gambles (Djax's health? No blue-chip WR taken in the draft? Shoddy FA? Etc.) made repeating that feat nearly impossible, even in a hobbled division. Pederson's middle finger to the league by throwing Philly's final game (and influencing the playoffs) was truly glorious, but ended up being the final drop in a cup already overflowing with "brotherly love"...

My verdict: Trade Wentz for all he's worth to the AFC and roll with Hurts and perennial plug him and play him brawler Fitzmagic

3) Trubisky? Seriously?:

Here's the deal when you have an average-to-good team, you need a good quarterback to go anywhere beyond 9-7. Not rocket science... if Trubisky was good at anything in particular, he would give them a shot at being a legitimate contender. But he's not, is he. Does he run, yes. Does he run well? Uhh... not so much. Pass? Nope, doesn't do that well either. 2 minute drill? Athleticism? Arm strength? You get the point. He's big and tough I guess, I'll give him that. My verdict: Trade the Bears DeShaun Watson already, it's perfect. And this will finally give Aaron Rodgers an actual rival... 

4) Feelin' Lucky: 

Rumor has it that Andy Luck is eyeballing a return to whichever franchise finds his golden jockstrap in one of their locker-rooms, and has finally put the trauma of too many Jim Irsay Tweets behind him. I know there are tons of places where Luck could find success again, but I think it will take a special offer for him to attempt one last dance in the "Not For Long'' league. My verdict: The surprise winners of the QB lottery will turn out to be Denver, leaving Drew Lock to try his luck in Free Agency. Denver reappears as a Mahomes/KC rival and leads perfectly into...

5) Return of Chucky: 

Do you really think the Donald Trump of the NFL (squint a little, you'll see it), who retired immediately after a weird-ass team switcheroo/Super Bowl victory 20 years ago, would put himself in a losing position? Vegas is getting a new stadium and Gruden is gonna get national airtime, come hell or high water. That means (at the very least) important games in December. My verdict: Gruden gets “Coach of the Year” award, while making the AFC game, and transforms his division into the "most competitive in football". Gotta reward those "Vegas" fans... Plus, one of the only US sports brands (besides the Yankees/Bulls) that I see being worn as a fashion accessory in Europe, is the Raiders for some reason. Might as well pump those overseas sales

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