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Football Betting Guide | Super Bowl LVI

After an arduous 18-week regular season, and the most thrilling postseason in history, we are only a week away from the greatest show in sports. 

The Cincinnati Bengals have defied all odds to go from 4-11-1 in 2020 to one win away from being Super Bowl champs. Whereas the Los Angeles Rams went all-in this season, and it has secured them a chance to lift the Lombardi trophy. 

We are going to provide an in-depth look at both teams ahead of the Super Bowl and the best bets with BetMGM and FanDuel.

*All odds were correct on the date of writing - 02/04/2022



Cincinnati Bengals - Odds: +166 / Spread +4 

Sports always have Cinderella stories, and the Cincinnati Bengals have become everybody's favourite underdogs this postseason. They have been on the road against both the one-seed Tennessee Titans and the consensus kings of the AFC (Kansas City Chiefs) and they have come out on top. 

The Leader for Cincy at QB

One of the main reasons for their success is Joe Burrow. The charismatic quarterback has carried this Bengals team through the postseason. After being sacked a record nine times against the Titans - he won. After being 21-3 down at Arrowhead against the Chiefs - he won. So, who can stop this former LSU man from lifting the Lombardi in his second year in the NFL?

Best bets regarding Burrow 

With FanDuel, it is currently -114 for Joe Burrow to have over 276.5 passing yards, and we think Burrow will be under that. He has thrown for over 276.5 yards in one of three games in the postseason, and this Rams secondary has stars like Jalen Ramsey to limit Burrow’s deep ball. 

However, a -162 bet we do like is Burrow to have over 1.5 passing touchdowns. He has secured two TD passes in two of his three games since the conclusion of the regular season. 

Burrow’s favourite weapon to have a big day?

The ying to Joe Burrow’s yang is wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase. They played together in college at LSU, and they have brought their elite chemistry to the NFL. The rookie receiver has broken numerous records with Burrow throwing him the ball, and he is the key to a Bengals victory next Sunday. 

Best Bets for Ja’Marr Chase 

In his rookie year, Chase has achieved 1455 yards on 81 receptions (averaging 18 yards per catch). His over/under yardage against the Rams is 78.5 and we think he can secure the over at -114. He has had over 78.5 receiving yards in four of his last six, and the Rams defence have given up 78.5 yards or more to a receiver in four of the last six. 

Los Angeles Rams - Odds -198 / The Spread -4

Whilst the Bengals went from rags to riches, the Los Angeles Rams have tried to use their riches to secure the Lombardi. They acquired both Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr during the regular season to signify they were ‘all-in’ for 2021/22. The risk paid off. 

The Rams will be hosting the Super Bowl in So-Fi as favourites, and with stars on both sides of the ball, no one has been able to stop them. 

The Rams’ star isn’t the QB, it’s the WR

The belief is that the cornerstone of any franchise is the quarterback. In most cases this is true. The likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees were all staples for their respective franchises, but the Rams are a different weapon this season. Quarterback Matthew Stafford is playing very well, but wide receiver Cooper Kupp deserves most of the plaudits. 

Kupp has over 2,300 combined yards in the regular and postseason, and no defence has managed to figure him out. 


Cooper Kupp Best Bets (Time of writing: 04/02/2022)

What we have learnt this year with Cooper Kupp - take the over! His over/under for the Bengals game is 104.5 and we still think he’ll achieve this. The odds are -114, but we think this is a safer bet than any other receiver in the Super Bowl. 

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