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Is Russell Wilson Finished with the Seattle Seahawks?

Russell Wilson’s Seahawks future could be in doubt following reports

Wilson has won one Super Bowl with the Seahawks, and has been selected to play in the Pro Bowl in every season of his professional football career. He is that good.

With that said, throughout the latest season, Russell Wilson expressed some frustration in the team’s performances, and stated his desire for more say in the team’s personnel decision-making.

This is out of the norm for the 32-year-old QB, who has never publicly spoken about any issues or problems in his first nine seasons in the league, until the 2020 NFL season.

Specifically, Wilson spoke about the number of hits he has taken down the years due to the consistently below-average offensive line. A QB as good as Russell Wilson only wants the best protection for him to play at his best – something that has not yet been delivered by the Seahawks.

 Seattle Seahawks and the Carroll Family

Wilson has played for head coach Pete Carroll for his entire NFL career, as well as Carroll’s sons, who are both coaches for the Seahawks.

Nate Carroll is the wide receiver coach, while Brennan Carroll was in control of Seattle’s run game. However, both have now left their roles with the franchise, with Brennan going to teach at the University of Arizona.

The Seahawks’ head coach stated that his two sons were the coaches on the staff that held him accountable for his role.

Pete Carroll spoke out last month when it was announced that the two coaches were leaving, and said: “I’m going to really miss Brennan for not being part of our club because he and Nate have been really big factors because they’ll tell me stuff other guys won’t.

“They have always been really instrumental, and moving forward, I’m going to miss something there”.

 A Report Regarding Wilson’s Frustration

According to a report published by, Wilson and those around him believe that Carroll and his sons “answer to no one”.

There has been a few times over the latest season where Wilson seemed to be unhappy, and has become a hot conversation following the 2020 season.

Following a great start to the season, the Seahawks’ performances dropped, and could not overcome the Los Angeles Rams in the wildcard play-off game.

Multiple reports were confirmed that Wilson ‘stormed out’ of at least one meeting with the franchise’s coaches, frustrated that his suggestions for fixing the team’s offense were dismissed.

This came shortly after a disappointing 44-34 loss to the Buffalo Bills, but sources reported that the issue was resolved in a quick fashion.

The report also outlined how Wilson became even more annoyed with his lack of say in the team’s offense in comparison to other top QBs in the league – in the final seven weeks of the season, Seattle ranked 16th in the league for passing plays.

 No Official Trade Demanded

However, Russell Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, spoke recently in an interview with ESPN, saying that the star QB has not demanded a request officially.

In fact, Wilson has actually told the Seahawks that he wants to continue to play in Seattle. There were only four teams mentioned that Wilson would consider a trade to, and they were: the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders and Chicago Bears.

Though unhappy, it is unlikely that Wilson will be traded in the off-season. Due to his salary, and in general just being one of the best QBs in the league, teams will have to offer some generous trade deals in order to land Wilson’s signature.

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