NFL Sunday Game Week 14 - Betting spreads and odds

Another NFL Super Sunday is on its way, and here at The Sports Fan Journal, we’re on hand to deliver you all of the betting spreads and moneyline betting odds for all of the games.

It’s game week 14, and things are starting to take shape in all of the respective conferences as the playoffs edge ever-closer. 

There’s no Sports Fan Journal Podcast this week, but our tremendous trio will be back next week for more spread picks, analysis and banter for you to enjoy. In the meantime, you can go back and listen to our Thanksgiving Special if you missed it. 

In the meantime, let’s take a look at all of the NFL Game Week 14 spreads and betting odds courtesy of our friends over at FanDuel

But first, a look back to Thursday’s game…

Thursday reflection - Steelers @ Vikings

The Thursday game this week saw the Pittsburg Steller travel up to Minnesota to take on the Vikings at the U.S Bank Stadium. 

The Steelers started off slow and failed to put up any points in the first two quarters, finding themselves down 0-23 at halftime. They went on to edge out the third quarter 7-6 and stormed the Vikings in the final quarter, putting up a staggering 21 points against the Vikings’ 7. 

Ultimately though, the damage had been done in the first quarter, and so the Steelers left Minnesota empty-handed. The Steelers are now 6-6-1 for the season, while the Vikings sit 6-7. 

NFL betting spreads and odds - Game Week 14

Below, you can find all of the betting spreads and moneyline odds for all of the NFL games taking place this Sunday. This week, all of the spreads and odds have been brought to you by FanDuel


Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Cheifs

Raiders: Spread: +10 | Moneyline: +360

Cheifs: Spread: -10 | Moneyline: -460

New Orleans Saints @ New York Jets

Saints: Spread: -5.5 | Moneyline: -235

Jets: Spread: +5.5 | Moneyline: +194

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

Jags: Spread: +8.5 | Moneyline: +350

Titans: Spread: -8.5| Moneyline: -450

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Ravers: Spread: +2.5 | Moneyline: +132

Browns: Spread: -2.5 | Moneyline: -156

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Falcons: Spread: +2.5 | Moneyline: +116

Panthers: Spread: -2.5 | Moneyline: -136

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Football Team

Cowboys: Spread: -4.5 | Moneyline: -210

Football Team: Spread: +4.5 | Moneyline: +176

Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans

Seahawks: Spread: -8.5 | Moneyline: -390

Texans: Spread: +8.5 | Moneyline: +310

Detroit Lions @ Denver Broncos

Lions: Spread: +10 | Moneyline: +400

Broncos: Spread: -10 | Moneyline: -520

New York Giants @ Los Angeles Chargers

Giants: Spread: +9 | Moneyline: +320

Chargers: Spread: -9 | Moneyline: -405

San Francisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals

49ers: Spread: -1.5 | Moneyline: -130

Bengals: Spread: +1.5 | Moneyline: +110

Buffalo Bills @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bills: Spread: +3.5| Moneyline: +150

Bucs: Spread: -3.5 | Moneyline: -178

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Bears: Spread: +12 | Moneyline: +480

Packers: Spread: -12 | Moneyline: -650

Monday Night Football betting spreads and moneyline odds

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

Rams: Spread: +2 | Moneyline: +116

Cards: Spread: -2 | Moneyline: -136

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