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NFL Thanksgiving podcast special!

Turkey Day is almost here folks, and we at the Sports Fan Journal have decided to mark the occasion with an extra-special edition of our podcast! 

There are three NFL matchups to taking place on Thanksgiving, and as always our team is providing you with their picks against the spread. 

We also take a look ahead to the best games taking place this Sunday and look back at last week, which served up some serious upsets against the spread. 

As per usual, there are also conspiracies from Dan and they guys educate our non-American panelist Mike as to why the Lions and the Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving. 

Our special bonus this week comes courtesy of FanDuel, and the spreads and odds were provided by our friends over at BetMGM

Listen to the podcast above and read on below to find all of the updated NLF week 12 betting spreads and odds. Additionally, you can also follow the tinks for our three featured NFL combo betting tips at CaptainGambling.

NFL Thanksgiving week - betting spreads and odds 

All of the spreads below have been provided by BetMGM and FanDuel, both of whom are offering some excellent Thanksgiving specials this weekend! 



Thanksgiving Thursday, November 25

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Chicago Bears: Spread: -3.5 | Moneyline: -180

Detriot Lions: Spread: +3.5 | Moneyline: +152

Las Vegas Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys

Las Vegas Raiders: Spread: +7.5 | Moneyline: +300

Dallas Cowboys: Spread: -7.5 | Moneyline: -375

Buffalo Bills @ New Orelans Saints

Buffalo Bills: Spread: -4 | Moneyline: -205

New Orleans Saints: Spread: +4 | Moneyline: +172

NFL game week 12, Sunday, November 28

Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots

Tennessee Titans: Spread: +6 | Moneyline: +225

New England Patriots: Spread: -6 | Moneyline: -275

New York Jets @ Houston Texans 

New York Jets: Spread: +3 | Moneyline: +122

Houston Texans: Spread: -3 | Moneyline: -144

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagles: Spread: -3.5 | Moneyline: -176

New York Giants: Spread: +3.5 | Moneyline: +148

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Indianapolis Colts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Spread: -3 | Moneyline: -146

Indianapolis Colts: Spread: +3 | Moneyline: +124

Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots

Tennessee Titans: Spread: +6 | Moneyline: +225

New England Patriots: Spread: -6 | Moneyline: -275

Atlanta Falcons @ Jacksonville Jaguars 

Atlanta Falcons: Spread: -1 | Moneyline: -118

Jacksonville Jaguars: Spread: +1 | Moneyline: +100

Caronlina Panthers @ New England Patriots

Tennessee Titans: Spread: -1.5 | Moneyline: -126

Miami Dolphins: Spread: +1.5 | Moneyline: +108

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers: Spread: +4.5 | Moneyline: +164

Cincinnati Bengals: Spread: -4.5 | Moneyline: -196

Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos 

Los Angeles Chargers: Spread: -2.5 | Moneyline: -152

Denver Broncos: Spread: +2.5 | Moneyline: +128

Minnesota Vikings @ San Francisco 49ers

Minnesota Vikings: Spread: +3 | Moneyline: +130

San Francisco 49ers: Spread: -3 | Moneyline: -154

Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers

Los Angeles Rams: Spread: +1 | Moneyline: -106

Green Bay Packers: Spread: -1| Moneyline: +110

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns: Spread: +4 | Moneyline: +160

Baltimore Ravens: Spread: -4 | Moneyline: -190

Monday Night Football November 29

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Football Team

Seattle Seahawks: Spread: +1 | Moneyline: -102

Washington Football Team: Spread: -1 | Moneyline: -116

NFL week 12 betting tips

In addition to the Thanksgiving edition of the Sports Fan Journal Podcast, which covers the spread picks, you can also check out our NFL betting tips at below. 

This week, our resident football tipster, JJ Noble has the following three combo betting picks for you. You can follow the links to find out more details and the favored sportsbook for each tip. 

Las Vegas Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys tip: Cowboys to win by 1+ and a total of 46+ points 

Buffalo Bills @ New Orleans tip: Bills to win by 7+ and 46+ total points

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Football Team: Washington to win & under 46 total points

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