Super Bowl LV Preview - Everything You Need to Know

The 55th annual Super Bowl is almost here - and for anyone who’s been living under a rock, it’s a big one. Buccaneers VS Chiefs, Brady VS Mahomes, Trump VS Biden (no wait, that was last month), Super Bowl LV is truly a clash of the titans.

For anyone not in the know, Tom Brady is the all time GOAT of NFL, with Six Super Bowl rings over a twenty year career, and Mahomes is the new wizkid with an annual salary of like $40,000,000 - the highest an NFL contract has ever been.

We’ve established it’s gunna be a doozy, but we hear you asking: “where can I watch Super Bowl LV'' and “who should I have my money on”. Well here on our Super Bowl LV preview, you’ll find everything you need to know about the 2021 iteration of NFL’s biggest game.

When is it?

Super Bowl LV is on Sunday, Feb 7, with actual kickoff scheduled for about 6:30pm ET. The whole show usually lasts about 4 hours (including the half time entertainment and numerous advert breaks, so if you’ve never watched a Super Bowl before we suggest plenty of provisions.

Where is it?

Weirdly, this year's game will take place in Tampa, Florida, at the Raymond James Stadium. It’s the home of the Buccaneers, making this the first time a team has ever played a Super Bowl in their own stadium.

That’s either insane pressure on the home players or a major morale boost - either way, at least they won't need to travel far.

Who’s the favorite?

It’s pretty close - I mean, the Chiefs won it last year, and they’ve probably got the best team around judging by their crazy good season (14-2) to the Buccaneers’ better than average season (14-5). Anything can happen in a one-on-one game, of course, but most bookmakers have the Chiefs as the favourites.

Listen, if you only had a dollar, you’d stick it on Kansas… but you’d never bet against Tom Brady, right? But then again, Chiefs are looking untouchable this season - but Tampa did well to get to the final… And Tom Brady, did we mention Tom Brady?

TL;DR: it’s too close to call.

Where can I watch it?

The Super Bowl will be shown live on CBS in the States from about 6:30pm ET, and will be shown on the BBC in the UK with kickoff around 11:30pm GMT. As we mentioned though, the whole game can take up to 4 hours to complete, so if you’re watching from across the pond, know that you’re in for a long one.

That reminds me, who’s on at halftime?

Oh yeh - the halftime show. The Weeknd will headline the entertainment this year - after the obligatory national anthem. Sure, you could spend the 15 minute interval making food, replacing the beers in the fridge, or even enjoying the music, but think on guys - this is the perfect interval to check your favourite bookmaker websites to see what in-play deals you can spy.

How can I bet on this?

Good news, almost all bookmakers will be offering odds on Super Bowl LV, so all you have to do is give our website a browse and find the operator review that looks most promising to you.

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