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Top 5 Free Agents in the NFL

With less than a month until free agency begins, there’s still a number of franchises unsure with some of their roster running out of contract.

We have compiled five of the biggest free agents currently available to other teams if a decision has not been made by March 17 – the date that free agency begins.

Surprisingly, there are some star NFL athletes whose as of yet, don’t know where they will be playing come the start of the new NFL season.

*At the time of writing and publishing, all five names you see below are free agents, with no one being franchise tagged, traded or signed up to long term contracts

 Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys QB had a tough 2020 season, only playing the first five weeks before suffering an unfortunate ankle injury.

Prescott missing the majority of the Cowboys’ season resulted in them struggling throughout. Andy Dalton took the signal calling responsibility for Dallas, but he’s not on the same level as Prescott.

The Cowboys’ inconsistent offensive line also saw star running back Ezekiel Elliott struggle for most of the season.

Dak Prescott was franchise tagged before the start of last season, but with his long absence from the team, the QB may have ruined his chances of getting a long-term contract with his name on it.

Either way, it’s unlikely that Dallas will let go of their starting QB, who would attract a lot of attention if he was supposedly available.

 Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones was a surprising name to see on the list, given his impressive performance throughout the 2020 NFL season.

With back-to-back 1,000+ rushing yard seasons, there’s no doubt that Jones is one of the best running backs in the upcoming free agency class.

Interestingly, Jones turned down a contract offer from the Packers before the beginning of last year – one that would have seen him one of the top paid rushers going into the 2020 season.

If Green Bay do decide to move on, there will definitely be no shortage of teams looking to get his signature. As well as being a top running back, he’s still only 26, meaning he’s got a generous number of years left in his career.

 Chris Godwin

Super Bowl winner Chris Godwin could see himself leave Tampa if no decision has been made on his Buccaneers’ future.

Now, it’s no surprise that Godwin won’t be keen on leaving the reigning champions, who are being tipped very early to retain their crown and capture a second-straight Super Bowl title.

Godwin missed four games of the regular season, which saw him lose out on a 1,000 yard season, Nonetheless, he led the team in targets and receptions per game.

If Godwin is still available at the beginning of free agency, there’s no doubt offers will come in left and right for the receiver. He could be someone’s WR1, and will offer the money for him to be just that.

 Bud Dupree

The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker suffered a season-ending injury in week 12 of the 2020 season, which was a terrible ACL tear.

However, Dupree had a stellar season – that was just unfortunately cut short – and played a major part in the Steelers going 11-0 in the season.

Dupree was on track for his best statistical season yet, too, accounting for eight sacks, two forced fumbles and 15 QB hits.

Bud Dupree is argued to be a very underrated linebacker, and despite the injury, he would be a target for a lot of NFL franchises in the free agency market.

 Allen Robinson

Admittedly, Allen Robinson gets a lot of stick from NFL fans. In reality, the Chicago Bears receiver is actually one of the team’s best players.

His 2020 season stats alone show how Robinson was one of the players who dragged the Bears to a playoff berth. With 1,250 receiving yards and six touchdowns to his name, Robinson was crucial in the Bears’ success.

This isn’t a one-season anomaly, either, with Robinson putting up 1,147 yards and seven TDs in 2019. The problem? Underperforming QBs.

If Robinson is still a free agent come March 17, he could definitely make his way out of Chicago with the hope that a reliable QB will be waiting for him at his new team.

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