Chopping It Up With The Infamous @DragonflyJonez

 was nice enough to field a few sports-related questions for TSFJ. DFJZ is rolling at 12k followers and then some. The man is a mainstay on many timelines, and if there's a sporting event on the tube, he's likely tweeting about it hilariously.

I've gotten to know DFJZ a little bit over the past couple years through the all-powerful tweet box. In fact, we've been ships passing through the night during my visits through Virginia, where he resides.

Once thought of as a GhostBot by me, I finally got some confirmation that he does in fact exist. This interview was conducted over the most secure of phone lines.

As laid-back on the phone as he is on Twitter, DFJZ and I talked like we'd been friends for years. That's a part of the charisma that makes him a great follow.

Without further adieu, learn a little bit more about the man, the myth, the legend.

We're both Hokies football fans. How did you become one?

Being in Virginia man, you know fucking Hokie football is a big fan here man. Everyone in my family is a Hokie fan, so you know.

What rival do you hate the most?
The thing about UVA is we own them so much it's hard to hate them because there's no competition.

I honestly don't hate a college football team. Not even Notre Dame, and everyone hates them. I hate Golden Tate because of his fucking name. Fuck that dude, man.

Who would you say is your favorite Hokie of all time?

It's gotta be Vick. We had our best year ever with him; that '99 season was legendary. And we beat Syracuse 62-0 that year. We beat the shit outta them.

Back then that was the Cuse, man. They ain't shit now. 

Speaking of Syracuse, what do you think about them joining the ACC?

I think that's a helluva move for hoops. ACC football is ACC football. Really it's just Florida State, Virginia Tech and sometimes Georgia Tech here and there in football. Pitt has good years where they can be a top-type team. Cuse is fucking dead in the water when it comes to football.

The ACC tournament is gonna be ridiculous when it comes to basketball.

You're a Carolina basketball fan too. What is your favorite moment in UNC basketball history?

The top moment would probably be when UNC won it in 2005. I was still in North Carolina, and me and my boys drove from Greensboro to Franklin Street; we were out til 8 in the fuckin morning. Campus was crazy. We crashed at some guy's house we didn't even meet. 

What's your least favorite sports moment?

You about to make me cry, man. You know I'm a Knicks fan, too. Starks 2-for-19 in game seven between the Knicks and Rockets in '94. 

What made you like the Knicks?

Every team I have is inherited. Who the fuck picks the Hokies, Redskins and Knicks? My pops grew up in Virginia, moved to New York and met my mom. I lived in New York my first 13 years, then I came back. He grew up a UNC fan, a Hokies fan, a Redskins fan. 

It's all inherited. 

Who's your favorite Knick?

I got kind of a love/hate relationship with Ewing because he stunk it up at the end of his career.

It might be Oakley, but he wasn't a fucking baller, you know? He'd grab you by your throat and throw you on your face.

What Oakley did then might not be legal now …

I remember watching it as a kid; Jordan grabbed Starks by his throat. He didn't even get a fucking technical. Those were the days

How do you feel about the Knicks letting Lin go? 

We were talking about paying that dude $80 million. We can let him go for that. We're still not sure if CP3 wants to re-sign in L.A. And, I like Felton. He could play when he was there.

We still ain't shit. We're still gonna be a 5th or 7th seed. 

Do you catch the Knicks game often with League Pass?

I would not pay money to keep up with the Knicks. Truth be told, if i wasn't in the area, I wouldn't pay to watch the Skins games either.

Why is Dwyane Wade your least favorite player in the NBA?

I can't say there's a defining moment for me to hate the dude. There's just a small buildup of him just being a douche over the years. It started in the '06 finals. Plus, I'm a Knicks fan; I don't like anyone who plays for the Heat.

What about LeBron?

I love 'Bron. He's my favorite player, and he decided to go there so I can tolerate him. 'Bron took all the heat, and Wade was teflon. I didn't like that - I hate that dude.

As a Skins fan, what do you think of RGIII?

RGIII, my best friend. The thing is, I was surprised but not too surprised. I was most impressed with his football IQ at Baylor. Smart is smart, and dumb is dumb, and both translate to the league. He made great decisions. 

I didn't expect 40 at the Superdome. 

Who wins the Super Bowl?

I hate to be on the fence, but I think it comes down to what quarterbacks regressed and which ones progressed. Because if Flacco plays like he did (against Cincinnati), Baltimore is gonna be a problem. If they score 28 a game, they're gonna win the Super Bowl.

As a casual baseball fan, who wins the World Series?

I hate to sound cliche, but the Yankees have been there before. I would count on them before the Nationals. Everybody is going crazy over the Nats, and then they benched Strasburg; I don't understand that guy's career. 

What don't you understand about Strasburg?

 Baseball, that shit is like trying to predict Plinko on The Price is Right. How can you predict baseball? 162 games in the damn season.

I don't get how they talk about how this kid is the greatest prospect ever and then they cut him short. I know he's coming back from surgery, and they bench him when it matters most? I think they should have benched him for those meaningless games.

Who do you follow on Twitter for your sports analysis?

For sports shit, of course Ed and Kenny

I chop it up with you, Bomani Jones. It's just a whole bunch of everyday cats. 

The homeboy cheapseatfan knows his shit too.

What is it about Twitter that allows it to thrive during sporting events?

People just wanna be heard. It's a great outlet. It's like you're talking to yourself, but it's to everyone. Twitter is real-time, real-life shit. I think it's awesome. It's the only major networking site I do.

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