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MLB Round-Up | This Week in the World of Baseball - Season So Far

30 teams. 162 games each. The MLB season is well and truly underway, with around a third of the regular season complete. Which MLB franchise is looking the strongest?

Baseball fans across the US have the great opportunity to watch MLB all week long. The 2021 MLB season kicked off on April 1, and now we are officially past the early stages of the baseball calendar.

All 30 teams will be looking to earn a place in the postseason, with a lot of eyes on the World Series in October. Which team is looking likely to make an appearance in the postseason? We’re rounding up the season so far right here at TSFJ!

Latest Games – Major Talking Points

mlb games so far

Over the week, there have been a number of exciting matchups that have taken place all over the country. For example, we saw the Boston Red Sox end the Houston Astros’ four-game winning streak with a 5-1 victory.

Elsewhere, the San Francisco Giants strengthened their position at the top of the NL West with a 7-2 win against the current NL Central leaders, the Chicago Cubs. However, the Cubs are still leading the division, with the St. Louis Cardinals struggling to overtake them at the top, losing consecutively to the Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds.

Meanwhile, the AL Central leaders, the Chicago White Sox, made another positive step in their campaign with a 4-1 victory over division rivals Detroit Tigers. In the American League East, it’s the Tampa Bay Rays leading the way in MLB wins with a total of 36. Their latest win was a convincing 9-2 win against the New York Yankees.

Perhaps the most impressive result of the week came in a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds. It was the Phillies who dominated the game, and put up a total 17 runs in their win against the Reds – who only managed to get three.

American League

american league baseball

As we mentioned earlier, it’s the Rays that are leading the MLB with total wins, and are sitting at the top of the AL East. The Red Sox and the Yankees are looking to close the gap between them and the Rays, but have plenty of time to do so.

The White Sox now have a four-win cushion between themselves and second in the division – the Cleveland Indians. In contrast, the Minnesota Twins are struggling to gain any momentum and find themselves bottom of the division, with only 22 wins so far.

At this stage of the season, there are two teams gunning for the top spot in the AL West – the Oakland Athletics and Houston Astros. Both franchises are looking for that top spot in the division, with the Seattle Mariners not far behind.

National League

national league baseball

It’s extremely close in the NL East, with one win separating three teams at the top of the division. As it stands, the New York Mets are just one win ahead of the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies, who are both tied on 26 wins apiece.

Despite a 7-2 loss in their latest game, the Chicago Cubs are still leading the way in the NL Central division. The Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers are close behind the leaders, and all of these positions could be changed very soon.

In the NL West, the Giants are tied with the San Diego Padres for total wins, as both franchises are on 35. The Dodgers are the only other team in the division in contention of closing the gap quickly, with a disappointing season so far for the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks.

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