10 Takeaways From Game 2 Of The Western Conference Finals

The uber-exciting series between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder is knotted up at 1-1. Past playoff history shows that Game 2 is arguably the most important game of a playoff series. Teams can take a commanding 2-0 lead or a team can bounce back to tie it up just as Golden State did. With the two games in the books, class was in session during last night's contest.

Let's take a look at 10 takeaways from Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

1. Big Men Matter

In Game 1 of Western Conference Finals, it was Steven Adams and Enes Kanter who played huge roles for the Thunder. As they combined for 24 points and 18 rebounds, the feisty duo provided the inside presence that complimented the performances of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

In Game 2, it was Festus Ezeli's turn. In 13 minutes, Ezeli had 12 points, five rebounds and provided inspiring energy in his cameo appearance on the court. It's yet to be determined, but in the future games, the teams' success may hinge on the play of the "big guys."

2. Klay Is Still Cold From Deep

While Klay Thompson has been harassing the perimeter players from the Thunder, he has fallen short a bit when it comes to his calling card. The iron has been unkind for the other half of the Splash Brothers. Since the start of the Western Conference Finals, Thompson is shooting a DeMar DeRozan-like 31 percent from long range, which is a far cry away from his blistering 46 percent in the playoffs overall thus far. Klay was fortunate that his team eased its way to victory, but let's not ignore his shooting woes, as they may become a factor later in the series.

3. Iggy Can Still Defy Gravity

Andre Iguodala normally tears the rim into shreds, but in last night's case, he took a page out of George "The Iceman" Gervin's book, serving up a pretty finger roll. The shot was so breathtaking that Sports Science may do a feature telling us that the velocity on the ball during the layup was calculated at 46 mph, while jumping high enough to hurdle a Ford Focus.

4. What In The Serge Ibaka Was Going On?

Serge, my man, I get it, while the whole world is watching Keri Hilson on Snapchat, you have to play a very important basketball game. I know you would rather be with your lovely lady, but your teammates needed you. Whether it was shooting an ill-advised three-pointer or committing an untimely foul, last night was forgettable for Ibaka. OKC needs Serge to be a solid scorer and adequate defender, and he can be just that if he is locked in. All is not lost for Ibaka, but if the other games are as bad as Game 2, it may be tough sledding for the Thunder.

5. Shame on You, Warriors Fans

Steph Curry channeled his inner Evel Knievel, jumping in the crowd after a loose ball. Luckily, the Chef came out unscathed, but if he would have gotten injured, it would have been another injury scare for the Warriors. C'mon, Warriors fans, you have to do better to save your superstar.

6. Russ Was Uncharacteristically Passive

If you didn't get a chance to watch the game and you look at the box score to see that Russell Westbrook shot just 14 shots, know that it's not a typo. From the start of the game, it seemed as if Westbrook was never in sync. He wasn't on the attack like his usual self.

While his assist totals were admirable with 12, the passive version of Westbrook is not what the Thunder needs to win the series. In the third quarter when Russ erupted in the Game 1, he and KD were hoisting shot attempts. Shooting seven less shots than compared to Game 1 is not what the doctor ordered, and in order for the Thunder to dethrone the defending champions, Russ has to be Russ.

7. The Scoring Display From Kevin Durant And Stephen Curry Was A Thing of Beauty

Before the game got out of hand, arguably the league's two best scorers had their full arsenals on display. Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to watch KD and Steph shoot and score all night long?

After struggling in the opening game, KD started off Game 2 scorching. He scored 23 points in the first half, trying to set the tone for his team.

While KD had his own scoring exhibition in the first half, it was Curry's turn in the second half. He used his marksman skills in the third quarter, pouring in 15 straight during the period. KD and Steph ended up with 29 and 28 points, respectively, and provided a montage of highlights. As the series goes along, the scoring battle with these two will only continue.

8. At Times, OKC Lacks Basketball IQ

During the game, there were many head-scratching moments. It appeared that when the Thunder would be on the brink of a comeback, their self-inflicted mistakes would knock them out of contention to make the improbable comeback. There were fouls on three-point attempts, ill-advised shots and untimely turnovers that were thorns in their sides for the most of the night.

Everyone knows that the Thunder play with a reckless abandon, which can be an unconventional style of basketball to some. Playing against a team like Golden State, the margin for error is very small, and the Thunder can't afford to have mental lapses against a team of the Warriors' magnitude.

9. Everybody Loves Draymond, Well Maybe Not OKC

Draymond Green took less shots in Game 2, but his impact on the floor was paramount. The heartbeat of the Warriors was a few assists and rebounds shy of a triple-double, as he chipped in 10 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and two taunts toward Thunder big men Enes Kanter and Steven Adams that would make Charles Oakley proud.

It's no secret that when Draymond has his mojo going, the Warriors are damn near impossible to beat. No matter how great Curry is, the Warriors go as No. 23 goes, and if he is going full throttle with the pedal to the metal, the Warriors shouldn't be worried.

10. Russell Westbrook's Outfit Is The Reason Why The Thunder Lost Game 2

Of course, there were other contributing factors that led to OKC losing Game 2, but the easy choice is to blame the attire that Russell Westbrook sported for the game. Although we love Russ at TSFJ, his choice of fashion is always hit or miss, and last night was a miss.

Westbrook is the Walt "Clyde" Frazier of this era when it comes to fashion in the NBA. The basketball phenomenon has a unique style that has caught the eyes of many in the world of fashion as well as the average Joes who know nothing about fashion. It's always lights, camera, action when Russ walks into NBA arenas, and yesterday wasn't any different. Sporting a shirt that legendary WWE jobber the Brooklyn Brawler would have loved, Russ turned heads yet again with his choice of clothing.

Hopefully Russ will switch things back up so the Thunder can get back to their winning ways.

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