Five Post Malone Songs That Sum Up The 2016-17 Men's College Basketball Season

As you may have figured out from following our work at The Sports Fan Journal, we like to integrate our favorite music into our articles – blending together sports and songs in a fun and seamless way.

And what goes together better than beats and basketball?

But instead of throwing it back like some of my more distinguished colleagues or keeping it current with dulcet sounds of Drake like the more woke members of our squad, I am taking a step sideways and brining you songs from newcomer Post Malone that I think correlate with this season of men’s college basketball.

Post Malone, born Austin Richard Post, stepped into the spotlight in 2015 with his single “White Iverson,” a silky smooth jam that references the great Allen Iverson but was inspired by the braids Post Malone similarly sported. Malone doesn’t play basketball himself but he does have an affinity for sports, particularly football. That enjoyment stems from his father, who was the assistant director of food and beverage for the Dallas Cowboys. Much like the actual Iverson, Malone eschews practice in favor of hitting the studio hard for off the cuff recordings.

After taking a comprehensive listen to Post Malone’s new album “Stoney,” there are several songs I believe embody this year’s college hoops season – they are informative while also being lit. Check it out and update your playlist (and brackets) accordingly.

“Go Flex”

I come with the heat man, I swear I’m never missing/And I’m still the same and I swear I’m never switching

First off, flexing and college basketball go hand-in-hand. But if that’s not enough for you, this tune goes out to the teams that stay true to their game. This song is for squads that have been doing the same thing year after year because it works and because they are good at it. Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks, who just clinched their 13th consecutive conference championship. Mark Few’s Gonzaga Bulldogs, who almost made it through the season unbeaten. Sean Miller’s Arizona Wildcats, who remain at the top of the Pac-12 despite being challenged heavily by Oregon and UCLA. These teams come hard with a consistent flex, which is an absolute tournament staple.

“Big Lie”

Say you flexin’, that’s a big lie/Say you got that ish you don’t got

Feb 22, 2017; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange guard John Gillon (4) takes the game winning shot in the final moments of the game against the Duke Blue Devils at the Carrier Dome. The Orange won 78-75. (Source: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)

Lets flip the script. Sometimes flexing can get you into trouble – like when you don’t have the skills or drive to back it up. One example: the Duke Blue Devils. Once a preseason and early season favorite, hanging out at the top, Coach K’s team just couldn’t keep up. It’s been a tough week for Duke with a loss first to Syracuse on Wednesday then to Miami on Saturday – the cracks are starting to show. The 50-point finish against the Hurricanes was season-low for the Blue Devils and the .81 points per possession was the offense’s worst game in ACC play since January 23rd, 2013 – also at Miami. Yes, Duke was without the infamous Grayson Allen, but the Blue Devils' lack of a true point guard coupled with inconsistent scoring uncovers a possible sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Another example: Indiana. The Hoosiers started off hot with wins over Kansas and North Carolina but have lost their last five games. Now, the weak bubble might not even be able to save them.


You may contain me but you won’t never stop me

The title of this song is thematic for this season, but also for college basketball in general. With the amount of games team’s play, patience is absolutely required. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Playing your best game at the right time is how you move up and stay on top. Take Louisville and Florida, both teams with slow starts that transitioned into steady seasons – two squads of the upwardly mobile variety. Louisville has become a possible Final Four contender behind Rick Pitino’s patented suffocating defense and the Gators, another defensively-inclined team, do a great job of forcing turnovers and capitalizing on those opportunities – much like a alligator waiting in the weeds. They do say that defense wins championships.

“No Option”

Show up at the spot and now everyone, they all watchin’/Don’t wanna prove you wrong but ish, you leave me with no option

This song is for the teams no one thought would have an outside shot of making a run through the tournament; the teams we left with no option but to prove everybody wrong. Gonzaga is on. We all knew the Zags would dominate the WCC, but the fact that they went undefeated for so long before finally falling to BYU shocked the college basketball world. This season, the Bulldogs managed to defeat the aforementioned Florida team (who ranks fourth nationally in defensive efficiency), an Iowa State squad that just took down Baylor and the Arizona Wildcats, the top dog in the Pac-12.

Another team clamoring for the nation’s attention: the Cincinnati Bearcats. Cincy is looking for that AAC top spot and they are hoping that the 17 assists per game they average (17th nationally) and the mere 61.4 points per game they allow (8th nationally) helps guide them there. (It's worth nothing that this was written prior to Cincy's loss to UCF.)


I dreamed it all ever since I was young/They said I wouldn’t be nothing/Now they always say congratulations

This song is reserved for the champions, whoever they might be. Maybe it’s Jay Wright’s Villanova squad, reluctant to relinquish their crown. Perhaps one of the three serious Pac-12 contenders makes it to the end. Or maybe Kansas, inspired by the thirteen consecutive Big 12 titles, finds a way to win it all. Bill Self does have the Jayhawks operating on another level and Frank Mason is clutch – not Dillon Brooks clutch, but still.  When it’s all over, one team will have achieved the ultimate dream.

And I will be over here just playing this Post Malone song on repeat as tribute.

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