The Cavaliers Hype Machine Grows: The NBA 2K LeBron James Homecoming Tape

lebron james nba 2k king

In about a month, NBA teams will reconvene at their respective training camps and start preparing for the 2014-15 season. For hoop fans and especially gamers, this also means that NBA 2k15 will be releasing in stores as well. While it has long been the basketball game of choice, the offseason madness of the NBA will have folks waiting patiently to once again play with LeBron James in a Cleveland jersey.

In the time since LeBron pretty much shut the sports world down as he announced his decision to return to Cleveland, we’ve all been forced to read or listen to scenario after scenario with the same end result. It’s always cool to hear projections and expectations before the season, but at some point all of the talking just isn’t enough. People are ready to see this chapter come to life, and there isn’t a think piece or preview worth reading that will satisfy that desire.

Fortunately there are those with creative gifts who are willing to share their talents with the world to help temper excitement.

Case in point, this dope fan-made LeBron James tribute video that uses 2K14 gameplay to let us glimpse into the future. Despite being an animation, if the scenes depicted here are a sign of things to come, then NBA fans will be in for a treat this season.

While we can always argue the steps to making this super roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers was done in poor taste, it’s hard to deny that the Cavs will be fun to watch. It wasn’t until I watched this video that I realized just how much fun they’ll be. Just looking at the names acquired on paper doesn’t give this roster justice at all.

Having seen LeBron slim down to a lighter weight in preparation for the season, I fully expect him to provide plenty of new moments to his highlight reel. Watching him and Kyrie Irving connect for the first time on a fast break is something that I’m already expecting to replay a good dozen times.

Up until now, the importance of adding Kevin Love to this squad may have actually been understated from an excitement standpoint. Yes, we’re well aware that the Cavs will compete at the top of the East, but this kind of talent and also youth on National TV all season is worth thanking Shammgod for.

This roster has been tailor made for LeBron to succeed, and just his mere presence will allow others to better focus on their own strengths. Is this team built to win a title in year one? I don’t really know yet, and no one should really care either. All that should matter is that basketball is just more fun when LeBron is around. This video should serve as a reminder of that.

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