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1994 knicks hoop dream ink

Like most men, having a man-cave is important. Women dream of their wedding days. Men dream of having the most awesome man-caves equipped with endless amounts of beer, recliners, a pool table, the largest TV humanly possible with surround sound and, in my case, the dopest art affordable covering the walls. In my makeshift, still imaginary man-cave, pictures of classic album covers, dope action shots of my favorite artists and athletes would serve as my wallpaper. Always keeping a mental note of quality material I find on a daily basis, allow me to introduce Hoop Dream Ink.

The company's calling card - evident by its name - is creating magnificent and unique pieces of art revolving around the NBA. Two of their newest pieces feature some guy named Michael Jordan and the pride and joy of the Big Apple, the 1993-94 New York Knicks who came within one horrific John Starks Game 7 away from upending Hakeem and the Rockets. More than just portraits, get lost in the site and see Hoop Dream offers such as T-Shirts, hoodies, iPad/iPhone/iPod/laptop skins and much more. Be sure to bring your debit card along, too, in case the spirit moves you. Support small businesses, people. But really support dope small businesses. With Feb. 1 being my birthday, I'm not requesting birthday gifts, but if you're feeling generous and want to commemorate my birthday in such a fashion, these are my top five choices.

1. "Run TMC" - Tell me this wouldn't look dope hanging up on your wall. I dare you.

2. "3 Peat Bulls" - Southpark-like characters FTW!

3. "The Decision" - Self-explanatory.

4. "The '94 Knicks" - A must-have even if you aren't a Knicks fan.

5. "Seattle Reign Man" - Long live the man-beast that was pre-obese "Raw Dog Ricky," better known as Shawn Kemp.

Be sure to keep up with Hoop Dream Ink through their Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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