Kyrie Irving's New Nike Signature Shoe: The Nike Zoom HyperRev

By KJ Kearney / @h1gher

First words that came to mind when I saw the side profile: MOON BOOTS.

Second thought was "these look like they'd be comfortable as hell to hoop in" and I guess that was the point. The seamless upper paired with a flexible foam lining is what brought those thoughts to mind. But a shoe that soft needs SOME sort of stability and it seems as if the Nike Zoom HyperRev has just what the doctor ordered--coming through with Flywire technology to keep your foot from popping out the side, subsequently breaking your OWN ankles.

Until I get a pair to wear test (HOLLA AT ME NIKE! SIZE 12!), I'm going to assume that these are made with quicker gentlemen in mind because of the shoe's lightweight construction. That and the fact that Nike has listed Kyrie "Uncle Drew" Irving as this poster child for the HyperRev.

Makes sense though, someone with his quickness needs to have a shoe that doesn't restrict his natural abilities but also keep up with his lightening quick movements.

The build of the shoe looks quite comfortable and lightweight while also being sturdy. The Phylite midsole allows the foot to move freely and will probably be the closest thing we'll see to a Free sole on a performance basketball sneaker. The only down side is that that HyperRev looks like something Nepolean Dynomite would lace up to hit the court. But if Uncle Drew can put opposing point guards on stakes, creating some highlight worthy, SportsCenter Top Play quality moves that would make even Uncle Rico jealous while rocking these, all will be right in the world.


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