Because You Need To Watch This Trailer For The ‘Iverson’ Documentary

iverson documentary

Sneak a peek at the new trailer for the Allen Iverson documentary 'Iverson,' debuting Sunday night at the Tribeca Film Festival.

In a year where many got to witness one of the more polarizing figures in NBA history have his name immortalized in the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center, it's only fitting that we have something to reflect on. The upcoming documentary on Allen Iverson will surely be something that Philly fans, and hoop enthusiasts in general, will take interest in.

As a person who was brought up as a Philadelphia sports fan, there are few athletes who have captured my attention quite like Iverson. Everything from his style, to his unwillingness to conform, to making the crossover one of the most sought-after skill sets in basketball appealed to an entire generation of hoop dreamers.

His influence is the stuff of legends, and just when you think you've heard all there is to say, a gem like this pops up to give you all the more reason to listen again. Commentary in the documentary features his former Philadelphia 76ers coach Larry Brown, players Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and more, including Iverson himself. This will definitely be a must-see once it's released to the masses.

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