Kristaps Porzingis Channels Inner Unicorn, Dunks On OKC's Entire Frontcourt

Kristaps Porzingis is the man for the New York Knicks these days. His rookie season has guys like Kevin Durant marveling at his game, as the Oklahoma City Thunder star refers to him as "a unicorn" for his unworldly potential. The praise seems to fit as the 7'3" center is routinely making both fans and players do a double take with his highlight reel plays. For example:

Here's a tip dunk on the Milwaukee Bucks...

Here's a one man fast break on the Atlanta Hawks...

Three Six Latvia continued his exploits Tuesday night, showing off his "unicorn" like abilities by dunking on the entire Thunder front court late in the first quarter of OKC's lone appearance to Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks continue to be a tough team to face for the rest of the NBA as Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson smile happily as the future of the franchise continues to shock the world, one unicorn-like play at a time.

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