A Petition to the NBA to Allow Carmelo Anthony to Play as 'Hoodie Melo'

The basketball world hasn’t been the same since May 19, 2017.

Days before his 33rd birthday, Carmelo Anthony and trainer Chris Brickley introduced us to his well-cultivated alter-ego 'Hoodie Melo.' Although the sports world really met Carmelo when he was a gangly teenager at Oak Hill Academy, Hoodie Melo highlights superpowers that many of us do not often get to see out of Melo.

In a similar vein to Clark Kent and Superman or Bruce Wayne and Batman, Carmelo and the guy sporting the famous hoodie are one in the same. Whether it was intentional or not, Hoodie Melo is here to stay.

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It’s been over three months, and there seems to be no record or video evidence that Hoodie Melo has missed a shot or lost a pickup game. In true superhero form, Hoodie Melo actually makes LeBron James (and his alter-ego "The King") look human. This is all while wearing a hoodie that's almost like a shield or cape that protects his invincibility. Not to mention, he went back in time and brought back Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's legendary skyhook.

Simply for the love of the game M7 'Black Ops' Session // @kingjames @carmeloanthony @easymoneeysniper @teamswish @mrlance42 @eneskanter11 @dahntay1 @chrissmith500 @otn_hami @nickrichards_ @draper11 @marshallplumlee40 // @harrington1313 //

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Can you imagine if Hoodie Melo suited up during the 2017-2018 NBA season? Teams would be frightened and history would (likely) be bestowed upon us.

To honor the legend of Hoodie Melo, we'd love to see him don his famous summertime digs in his 15th year.

So, I am calling on all fans to join me in signing the petition that would allow Carmelo to wear his cape, excuse me—his hoodie—on the court this season.

All hail, Hoodie Melo!

If you want to join the movement, sign the petition at change.org

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