Podcast: Dwight Is H-Town Bound, Floyd Mayweather Is A Soothsayer And Fans Gotta Chill

NBA: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

On the latest edition of The UC Show, the three amigos are back at it discussing the biggest move of the NBA off-season: Dwight Howard heading to Houston to join forces with The Beard and the Rockets. We're not sure if this is a match made in heaven or hell, but we do know that Howard has a plethora of big man resources at his disposal. He has Kevin McHale as his coach, with Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming a phone call away. He's definitely living the good life, and there's more than enough time to see how it translates to the court.

However, a rant takes place before anything we discuss about Howard. Justin Tinsley, in a fit of anger and rage, railed against Major League Baseball for their treatment of some of their players who are allegedly tied to PEDs. Tinsley is fed up and let the world know it in a way that he is only capable of doing.

We also talk about Floyd Mayweather being a soothsayer and a prophet for saying what he said before last Saturday's UFC pay-per-view matchup featuring Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. Other topics include Matthew Stafford, along with Victor Cruz, getting broke off with some new money, and we take on the subject of wearing what you damned well please. As with many things concerning the three amigos, we all have differing views on the mass media making a big deal about Colin Kaepernick's recent snapback of choice.

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