Podcast: Our Favorite Storylines Of 2013 And Tinsley Gets To Gloat


On the recent edition of The UC Show, Kenny and Tins spoke about NBA free agency and the ramifications for them as fans. See, it was only three years ago when LeBron-a-pa-looza took the world by storm, and since then, it seems like coverage has tried to mimic that. Whether it is players meeting with multiple teams and the media feeling like they have to let fans know to the constant "Will he or won't he" questions, free agency in the NBA simply isn't that fun for the two hosts to engage in. However, there was a signing recently that basically threw more fire on the "James Harden Should Have Never Been Traded" bandwagon that is sure to live on forever on this show and its TSFJ affiliate.

The hosts also tackled the topic of the Boston Celtics and their new head coach, Brad Stevens. This hire came out of nowhere to Tins and Kenny and they did the best they could to try to make sense of what Boston is doing. With that said, both are fans of Stevens and even though it hurts college basketball initially, they are both happy to see Stevens take on this next challenge.

The show concluded with Tinsley going on another rant about people being critical of how Floyd Mayweather chooses to spend his money, as well as some of the favorite storylines of Tinsley and Kenny's of the year so far. Oh, and since Tinsley was out of the country after the Miami Heat won their second consecutive NBA championship, he got to get his gloat on and there will certainly be more as time progresses.

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