Podcast: The Angry Corner Presents - You Don't Know Sh*t About Basketball

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On the recent edition of The UC Show, the three amigos tackle the news that Jason Kidd is the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. The three were...well...shocked, to say the least. Sure, there are other names with vast coaching experience, but the Nets decide to roll with The Kidd. Will he be able to get the Nets to the next level? Time will tell.

After that, Tinsley and Ed did a terrific job recapping The Doctor, the NBATV-produced documentary about Julius Erving. Julius Erving is one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, and he just might be the coolest of all-time as well. The documentary shows various sides of Dr. J, his story, his impact on the game as well as how revered he is by his peers.

Following the commercial break, Kenny goes on an extended tirade in The Angry Corner about people who don't know shit about the game of basketball. With Ed and Tinsley standing by, he tells the masses why it's not only unfair, but stupid, to suggest that previous greats never came up short and cited plenty examples of the contrary.

The show concludes with the words of Justin Tinsley aimed not only at the listeners of the show, not only at his fellow co-hosts, but to all fans of basketball. If anything, his words will add more fuel to the fire to tune in for Game Four of The NBA Finals between the Heat and the Spurs.

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