Podcast: Kobe Bryant Appreciation Night....Sorta.


On the recent edition of The UC Show, the three-man weave started off the night paying tribute to the good people of Boston and extended our thoughts to everyone affected by the events of the Boston Marathon. We went on to discuss The 3 To See and how it would be in the WNBA's best interest to ride the 3 until the wheels fall off.

From there, we brought on Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano, who spoke with confidence about the Lakers and their chances to make the playoffs. We also asked him about the possibility of Kobe Bryant getting amnestied, which led to a spirited response from Mr. Soriano.

And speaking of Kobe, we had our Kobe Bryant Appreciation Night...sorta. See, we wanted to give Kobe his props, but since two of the three hate him, it ended up being a testament to his greatness, but also some back-handed compliments, but in the end, respect was given where it was due.

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