Starting Lineups: All Hail The King, The Miami Heat Are World Champions

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't genuinely happy for LeBron James last night.

I'd bunkered myself in a corner, shut myself out from the real world and put everything I had into being an Oklahoma City Thunder fan. You don't have the opportunity to ride this wave often, and by the time the thrashing was in full effect in the fourth quarter, I'd already checked out of Homer-land.

Now that reality has sunk in, there's only three things to say.

1. You've got to either hope and pray or be terrified to death of the chance that the Oklahoma City Thunder squad will learn from this moment and get better. (Begins hoping and praying.) The Thunder just weren't ready for that stage, not yet. Truthfully, no championship team worth its salt is ready for that stage until they've gone through some things, and it's a journey that will be fun to "witness" moving forward.

2. LeBron Raymone James was awe-inspiring. I had to draw a line in the sand on my appreciation for LeBron during this NBA Finals, and coincidentally I had to cut off communication with anyone associated with the Heat. The Miami Heat were the better team, LeBron James is the best player in the world, and it was a humbling experience to "witness." Folks, he's still just 27. Still a scary thought that he's just entering his true prime.

3. The NBA season is over. One of the craziest seasons I've ever "witnessed." A sight to behold, a jam-packed schedule, chaos and controversy, and a damn good ride over the last 8 months is finished. Thank God we have the NBA back.

Here is your pertinent reading material for Friday. Enjoy the weekend, everybody.

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