The 16 Best NBA All-Star Game Sneakers Ever

Growing up, watching the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities was one of my favorite experiences each and every season. The festivities were always a sight to see, and watching the game’s biggest stars show off their talent was always entertaining.

One thing that always stuck out in my mind was the type of shoes the players wore. Being into sneakers, it was something that was captivating and entertaining. While the NBA All-Star game is a platform where the players can display their talents, it is also a platform for players to show off their signature shoes.

Over the years, there have been some great kicks on the court. Let's take a trip down memory lane to take a look at some of the best NBA All-Star Game sneakers in recent memory.

16. Reebok Question, 2000

Ironically, Allen Iverson didn't play in the this colorway, but it was apart of NBA All-Star Game sneakers package in the year 2000. With the game and festivities being in Oakland, the Answer showed love to the Golden State Warriors fans. If the braided warrior would have actually played in the popular sneaks, they would have been much higher on the list.

15. Adidas T-Mac III, 2004

Tracy McGrady stepped outside of the by box rocking one blue and one red shoe. The combination caught the eyes of the fans, and they looked even better when seeing him sky through the air.

14. Reebok Kamikaze II, 1995

You may have seen Rick Ross moonwalk in these kicks, but they were made famous by Shawn Kemp in 1995.

13. Adidas Crazy I 'Sunshine,' 2001

Kobe Bryant lit up the court literally and figuratively while wearing the "Sunshine." I can assure you that old man Kobe probably wouldn't wear those today.

12. Reebok Shaqnosis, 1996

Shaquille O'Neal rocked his dizzying shoe in the 1996 NBA ASG in San Antonio, Texas, where he starred at Robert G. Cole High School. The Big Aristotle held his own on the court, and he also turned heads with arguably his most popular shoe.

11. Fila Hill I, 1994

Once upon a time, Grant Hill had a signature shoe, and it was adored by basketball fans in the mid-1990s. Hill rocked the Fila Hill I in his first All-Star Game, and he went on to release a few more memorable kicks.

10. Nike Air Zoom, 1995

The Nike Air Zoom was Jason Kidd's signature shoe in 1995. The multifaceted point guard's kicks caught the eyes of fans as well as other players, as some other even sported the invigorative shoe.

9. Nike Air Garnett, 1998

It's crazy to think that it's been almost 20 years since Kevin Garnett has stopped wearing Nike. KG wore one of his most memorable signature shoes in the 1998 NBA ASG.

8. Nike Zoom Kobe All-Star VI, 2011

The Black Mamba struck again with his signature shoe for the 2011 ASG. Oh yeah, he also went on to win MVP in front of his home crowd at the Staples Center.

7. Nike Air Maestro, 1994

Though the Nike Air Maestro wasn't Scottie Pippen's signature shoe, he made it popular in the 1994 All-Star Game. Pip also went on to win the MVP in the game to show he could play among the league's best without Michael Jordan.

6. Nike Air Max LeBron VII (Chlorine Blue), 2010

King James has had a lot of dope signature kicks for the All-Star Game, but this pair is my favorite. The LeBron 7 is arguably his best signature shoe so it makes perfect sense to pay homage to the pair that he sported in the 2010 All-Star Game.

5. Air Force One 'Sheed' High (Red Patent Leather), 2001

In the 2001 NBA All-Star Game, Rasheed Wallace turned heads with his custom Air Force One's.

4. Nike Air Jordan 1, 1984

Michael Jordan began his claim to fame in the sneaker world when he entered the NBA as a rookie in 1984. The Jordan 1 set the precedent for the sneakers that came after them, so it's only right to give credit to such an iconic shoe.

3. Jordan III 'True Blue,' 2003

It was easy to select the Jordan III True Blues for nostalgic reasons. Though Michael Jordan has sported the original colorways during the ASG, it was dope to see Kobe Bryant wear the IIIs to honor his idol in his final ASG game in 2003.

2. Nike Air Foamposite One, 1998

One of more popular shoes of today was sported in the late 1990s all the way up to this era. From Tim Duncan to Rajon Rondo, the Nike Air Foamposite has been a staple of the NBA All-Star Game.

1. Jordan XI 'Columbia,' 1996

In the 1996 All-Star Game, Michael Jordan surprised everyone by wearing his North Carolina Tar Heel colored XI's. It was the norm to see Jordan wear the Chicago Bulls-colored sneakers, but it was a sight to see him switch it up by repping his alma mater.

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