The Versus Podcast: Warriors World Vs. Ed The Sports Fan (The Degenerate Gambling Episode)

By Bonta Hill / @bontahill

Rasheed Malek, Editor-in-Chief of Warriors World (and the self-proclaimed Bill Walsh of blogging) joins TVP and breaks down the current state of the Golden State Warriors, how he figured out he had gambling issues by venturing into betting on WNBA games, the throwing of shade towards Ed's Oklahoma City Thunder, the birth of the Warriors World site and how fans engage their favorite sports personalities via social media.

“When I started this (blog) six years ago, the website was basically known for its message board. We’ve taken it from that point, to making people wanting to actually check out the site. It sounds corny, but it was a lot of hard work and we just stayed at it, and that was the biggest key. Early on, you’re not really going to reap the benefits or see anything major from it. Just gotta keep plugging away and staying dedicated, and it’ll eventually lead to good things. For us, it did. ”  — Malek on the Warriors World website.

  • 13:45  – INTRO
  • 28:00 – INTERVIEW
  • 41:45 – OVERTIME

Traveling 2 hours down from a ghost town, Adriana joins the fellas on the show. Now, Bonta and Ed didn’t provide the Popeyes or Church’s Chicken that Adriana was craving, but it didn’t stop her from making fun history. She taks with the crew about the Warriors future move to San Francisco, as well as talking about the San Francisco Giants chances in the upcoming World Series against the Kansas City Royals.

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