Ready For Lift Off: Will Barton Takes Flight Over Donatas Motiejūnas

The art of getting dunked on is a thing of beauty. Dunking is already exciting in itself, but when there is someone on the other end, it makes it even more entertaining. Speaking of being on the other end of a dunk, Donatas Motiejūnas knows how that feels.

Will Barton of the Denver Nuggets had a baseline flush on Motiejūnas that was flat out disrespectful. Barton took flight as if he was departing Denver International Airport, and in the process, Motiejūnas ended up on a poster.

It's quite ironic that Will Barton defied gravity against the Houston Rockets as Houston is the home to the Johnson Space Center. The Johnson Space Center is a great attraction for tourists, and it may be time for them to pay homage to Mr. Barton for his ability to soar above ground.

All hail Will Barton, but can we also call out that Trevor Ariza owes Motiejūnas an apology? Stay in your shoes brother, good grief.

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