WATCH: New Boxing Video Series - The Hook

Yours truly and the EIC himself, Ed The Sports Fan, have teamed up to bring some boxing knowledge and laughs into your life. Today we're debuting our new show, "The Hook."

The show is broken up into five rounds, each focusing on a different aspect of the sweet science. In Round 1, we'll be covering the most recent fights, which means this week it's all about Gabriel Rosado and David Lemieux. For Round 2 we look ahead at the stellar night of boxing, HBO and Showtime are putting on for the fans this weekend. In every episode, Round 3 will be dedicated to a new hot topic and Round 4 to a different list. This isn't the usual pound-for-pound list, it will be something far more creative and off-the-beaten path. This week's list: Top 5 Most Successful Druggies in boxing. We'll always end the show with "The Low Blow," a carefully hand-picked video showing some of the crazy and funny antics that just seem to pervade throughout the boxing world.

#filming first episode of new #boxing show @thehookboxing.

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The guys over at Donaire Sr. Boxing and Fitness in Oakland, CA, new training ground for five division champion, Nonito Donaire, were gracious enough to let us film at their awesome new gym. If you're in the Bay Area, they're definitely worth checking out.

Welcome to the shenanigans and high-level $hit talk that Ed and I do regularly before, after, and during the fights. Without further ado, time for the video.

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