What's Beef? Adrien Broner And Floyd Mayweather Trade Jabs

There always comes a time when the little brother becomes upset at the big brother or vice versa. This is what's happening with Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner.

Both Broner and Mayweather are brash, arrogant, rich and famous. Adrien Broner has made his fair share of mistakes inside and out of the ring as of late, and he is trying to resurrect his career after a crushing defeat from Shawn Porter. After showing some maturity in interviews and during Showtime's All-Access epilogue, Broner showed that he was a man in transition.

Broner won his last fight against Khabib Allakhverdiev in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Broner, who was once about billions is now about business and is looking to handle things better in his life inside and outside of the ring.

In a recent interview with Fighthype.com, big brother Floyd Mayweather had a few things about Broner.

In the interview, Mayweather mentioned:

"This kid comes from a rough and tough background, and I just want to stand behind him, support him and help get him to the next level.’ But you saying, 'F**k the Money Team'? I never had anything negative to say about Adrien Broner. If he does something that I didn’t like, I’m like, 'You know, A.B., don’t do that. A.B., you shouldn’t do that. You should take this approach.'”

In the interview, Mayweather seemed a bit agitated by Broner and his recent antics. Broner, who is scheduled to fight TMT's own Ashley Theophane for his next bout, will have his day to defeat TMT's next big-name fighter.

Of course, Broner would not keep quiet — it's out of his character. Broner went on a 10-minute rant in response to Mayweather's interview with Fight Hype.

In the video, Broner is visibly hurt about Mayweather's comments"

"And then you said some shit like, if I'm disrespecting you, I'm disrespecting Al Haymon, but that's a contradicting ass saying because Al Haymon the one who got me the f****** fight. I ain't go out and pick these m************. I don't go out and pick these m************. I don't know these m************ from Russia. I don't know him. I ain't never heard of him. So with you saying that you would be ashamed, you wouldn't call yourself a world champion, you the one disrespecting Al Haymon. And you said if I'm disrespecting Al Haymon, I'm disrespecting you, so you disrespecting yourself, n****. How you want somebody to respect you and you disrespect yourself? Come on, Floyd. This s*** lame, bruh. Pick up your phone and call me."

Even though Mayweather is "retired" from boxing, his name still revolves around the sport. As mentioned in the video with Broner, he expresses his admiration for the legendary fighter. Is it a real beef, or is it a publicity stunt? That, we may never know, but this isn't the first time that "brothers" had a disagreement.

Broner may never become Mayweather, and that's perfectly fine. Mayweather's chapter in boxing is closed, and Broner has to rewrite his book as a championship fighter. The two fighters whom the people love to hate can't become enemies with one another.

Hopefully, the next time Mayweather and Broner cross paths it's all love. Whether it's making it rain in King of Diamonds or just a simple hug and a handshake, I hope that Mayweather and Broner mend their relationship. Can't we all just get along?

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