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Who's Next for Jake Paul? 5 Potential Opponents

With an impressive win over Ben Askren under his belt, it seems half the fight world has been calling out Jake Paul. But who will he face next in the ring?

BJ Penn

If Jake Paul wants to continue with the kind of matchmaking that saw him step in the ring with Ben Askren, former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion BJ Penn is probably the logical next step for Paul's career.

Unlike Askren, Penn did demonstrate elite-level striking during his early career but recent performances have shown that the Hawaiian no longer possesses many of the physical gifts that made him such a devastating competitor, and he is currently on the wrong side of a seven-fight losing streak.

And that is precisely why this fight could well end up taking place. 42-year-old Penn could very well be a winnable fight for Paul, and his opportunity to claim a victory over a man in the UFC Hall of Fame. Much like Askren, Penn will undoubtedly be happy to pick up a paycheck to fight a novice, and Triller can have an event that could pick up some real traction on pay-per-view.

Logan Paul

Though from the outside looking in it may seem completely unlikely that Jake Paul would step into the ring with his brother, fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, the pair have hinted on a number of occasions that they would like to face off in the squared circle.

So, with Jake’s popularity probably higher than ever, it actually almost makes sense for the pair to compete against one another in their next fights.

After all, it was Logan that had initially been at the forefront of the much-maligned YouTube boxing era, thanks to his pair of fights with KSI.

This probably isn’t the most likely of all eventualities going forward but with a built-in feud, and a fight that sells itself on intrigue value alone, a brother vs brother boxing match could be one of the biggest fights of the year on Triller.


Though it appears more likely that Paul’s team will continue to find credentialed former MMA fighters for the YouTuber to fight, there is at least one challenger remaining from the YouTube boxing realm that Paul could meet in the ring.

KSI’s feud with Logan Paul and their two closely contested fights was one of the driving forces for the early successes of YouTube boxing, and with talks of a trilogy between the pair seeming to have died down in the years since their last fight in 2019, it could be the perfect time for Jake to take the mantle and avenge his brother's defeat.

Jake seems to have taken to the art of pugilism more naturally than his former state champion wrestler brother, coupled with KSI's relative inactivity in the ring and this could be one of Jake's most winnable potential matchups on this list.

Tommy Fury

Brother of the current World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, and reality TV star and burgeoning boxing talent in his own right, Tommy Fury could be the perfect fight for Paul to get more eyes on the sport.

Unlike his older brother, Tommy has yet to set the world on fire in the professional ranks but has slowly notched up wins on his record against the kind of journeyman that you could expect a fighter to face so early in their pro career.

The 21-year-old light heavyweight is closer in size to Jake Paul than any of the American's previous opponents and his professional background could go a long way to legitimising Paul as a boxer should he be able to get the victory.


Conor McGregor

Simultaneously the most improbable but also likely biggest potential fight to feature on this list, if the YouTube sensation could convince the former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight World Champion to return to the squared circle we would well be looking at one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the last decade.

Of course, McGregor has been quick to dismiss the possibility of facing Paul in the past, and this should be a surprise to no one. While the pair could undoubtedly generate huge revenue at the box office and through pay-per-view, McGregor may be unlikely to want to go from fighting the elite of mixed martial arts most stacked division, to boxing a novice who has less than five total bouts on his record.

However, money talks. Conor understands the science behind fight promotion, and while Paul may still need to rack up a couple more wins before the fight can be made, it certainly is out of the realms of possibility that we see Conor McGregor and Jake Paul face off in the ring sometime in 2021.

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