"ESPN Muscles" - Dan Patrick Ethers Colin Cowherd

I don't care for media feuds. They are part of one of the multiple layers that creates public mistrust of the "watchers" among us, even when it comes to sports. These are the moments where the media has a conversation with itself.

What I DO care for, regardless of profession or interest, is when someone dares to challenge the work ethic of another, and that someone isn't in the highest regard. People who profess to "tell it like it is" are usually lying about themselves in some way and/or are outright ignorant of the actual facts and lives of others around them. Even sports talk show hosts.

(Actually, especially sports talk show hosts.)

In this ethering, NBC’s Dan Patrick – the man that had a bit of a hand in helping ESPN become ESPN - scored 3 touchdowns, got a hat trick, hit for the cycle and sunk ALL of his free throws on Bristol’s hot take radio machine Colin Cowherd.

In the words of Tommy Strawn (Thomas Mikal Ford) from the beloved 90s sitcom 'Martin', "oh my damn!"

For a few months in the mid-2000s, I used to listen to Cowherd’s show. It’s a fact I’m almost ashamed to admit, except that this was a time where keeping up with college football was a challenge. In New York City, where natives have little amateur football allegiances, catching The Herd during lunch breaks was a quick way to get an idea of who’s who in the NCAA with someone who prided himself on such knowledge.

I listened right up until Cowherd decided to make light of the death of the late WWE performer Eddie Guererro.

To a relatively new listener, he got all shock jock-y, and I hadn’t tuned in to his show or any other on terrestrial sports radio ever since. Of course, we know his hot taking didn’t stop there as he took on matters such as Sean Taylor’s murder, John Wall’s ascension, and much more.

So when this clip hit the internet earlier today, it was one of those moments where despite the silliness of media feuds to begin with, there is still nothing more satisfying than the takedown of someone who absolutely deserves it.

Game. Set. Match. There's your work ethic.

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