Football Fashion Week Presents: The 11 Freshest Football Uniforms Of The Past Weekend

By Richard Boadu / @6magazine

We're five weeks into the college football season, and the NFL season just ended its first quarter. This weekend looked like Fashion Week in various stadiums across the country. As I perused from game to game, I noticed no one individual getting his fresh on to the most maximum of levels, but several teams were rocking dope alternate uniforms. Here are football's freshest from this past weekend's football action.

Miami Hurricanes

The Miami Hurricanes reminded us all that at one point in time, they were the original new uniform trendsetters in college football. The U rocked its "Smoke" uniforms this past weekend. The general consensus didn't like the change, but I loved it. I would love to see these jerseys worn again when the Canes face the Florida State Seminoles later on in the year.

Fresno State Bulldogs

Look at the Bulldogs reppin' "Murica" with an updated red, white and blue uniform scheme. I love the clean and simple look of these uniforms. They need to just take it to the max and wear all white cleats though. (Also, isn't Fresno State's uniform scheme awfully similar to the Hurricanes? Look up above for proof.)

Texas Tech Red Raiders

This is the first time I've ever seen a logo or design on the thigh of a player. I think it's unique, ingenious and will become a trend. Do you see how huge that galloping horse and Zorro character are on that pant leg? That's just incredible. Nice work, Red Raiders ... nice.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Cornhuskers won the weekend with ease. They rocked their "Red Rising" adidas TECHFIT uniforms with a bold red, black and silver scheme. Notice the silver piping on the pant leg and specifically the capital "N"? It's a nice touch, and Huskers quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. puts it over the top with the black spats and wristband. It's a shame they are with adidas, if only because imagining someone wearing the Playoff Bred Jordan cleats with these uniforms is a treat.

Virginia Cavaliers

The Cavaliers rocked their throwback uniforms, and it was almost perfect. A very nice look, but all black socks and shoes would make this uniform one of the dopest in all the land. A recent trend emerging is putting throwback uniforms back in the ecosystem with a modern look. Virginia's uniforms are beautiful, mostly because they're clean and simple, and it's something more teams should consider.

Kansas City Chiefs

Let's sprinkle some NFL in here if only because Kansas City beat the snot out of the New England Patriots. The Chicago Bears rocked their beautiful throwback uniforms on Sunday, but they didn't make the cut because of their socks and for getting embarrassed by the Green Bay Packers. However, the Chiefs went blood red this Monday night and reminded us all of how good KC's uniforms can look when they're playing good football.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Pokes rocked some new electric orange helmets with the oversized Pistol Pete logo on the side. With the black-on-black uniforms and the orange/grey striping on the shoulder, Oklahoma State has arguably the cleanest uniform scheme in college football.

Akron Zips

While we're still talking helmets, Akron rocked what I'll call the Man in the Mirror helmets. Those things are shiny!

Syracuse Orange vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

This is great. Syracuse rocked some dope gray alternates and a matte orange helmet, however on television the helmets looked more red than orange at times. This photo is also great because we can give love to Fighting Irish players rocking all blue socks and the shiny gold shoes. Good looks for both.

SMU Mustangs

Right now SMU is the guy on the basketball court or football field who has all of the dope gear on but simply cannot play a lick. These uniforms are fire with the traditional jersey and pant scheme that reminds us all of the Pony Express, and the helmet is a glossy red like a woman's nail polish. But the Mustangs got clobbered by TCU 56-0, so there's that.

What were your favorite uniform looks of the weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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