A 10-Year Timeline Of Cam Newton's Evolution Into An Audacious Fashion Icon

There are a plethora of athletes who've been dubbed as fashion icons. We’ve witnessed Joe Namath, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Andre Agassi, Deion Sanders and a host of others make trendsetting statements. Presently, Cam Newton is blazing the trail that was set before him.

The color combinations of his wardrobe are as versatile as his play on the field. His pastels and bedazzled shoes are brazen but effective (for him). While he teeters near the line with his snazzy outfits, he does it with a flair that would make the late Craig Sager proud. Like it or not, he is creating his lane in the fashion realm.

Since entering the NFL, Cam has exhibited he's a fashionister. Let’s take a gander at an assortment of looks by the former MVP.

The “Youth Pastor" Look

This picture of a young Cam is when he played at Florida. The then backup quarterback (to Tim Tebow) kept it simple with this look. The orange tie shows his school pride, and the glasses give an innocent, well-rounded look. Like many youth pastors, he gives the impression that he's a man of the people. Despite wearing a sly smirk, he looks like he would scold the youth in the congregation for not memorizing Isaiah 54:17.

The “You Do What You Want When You’re Poppin'” Look

In 2010, Newton led the Auburn Tigers to a National Championship. In addition to bringing a championship to Auburn, he won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell, Manning, Davey O’Brien and Walter Camp Awards. In one year, Newton accomplished what many aspire to do over the course of four or five years. That’s why he can show up to Jordan-Hare Stadium wearing an unlikely blend that includes a Bo Jackson jersey, a rock star lid and shiny red Christian Louboutins.

The “Handsome and Wealthy” Look

Cam made the jaunt to Super Bowl 50 sporting $850 Versace pants. The britches were so much of a hit, they sold out thanks to the then dabbin' quarterback. He combined exotic zebra prints, a nifty pair of loafers with gold heels and toes, and a leather jacket that would make Shaft jealous. Although he didn’t win the Super Bowl, he left as the swag champ. In the words of the Migos, is it his looks or is it his wealth, or is it the way he carries himself? Whatever the case may be, Cam instinctively let the world know that he is handsome and wealthy with this ensemble.

The “Cool Cam” Look

In this picture, Cam reminded us that he’s able to tone it down when needed. Gone are the diamond-studded shoes, shiny blazers and fancy pants. In a relaxed setting, Cam rocks a Hornets basketball jersey with a matching strapback. We know he wouldn’t be spotted like this on game day, but it shows that Cam can go back to his roots.

The “I’ve Arrived” Look

After winning the Rookie of the Year, Cam was coming into his own as a fashion icon and a football player. Like many athletes who are fashion-forward, he began to step out of his comfort zone wearing zany colors and the bow tie. While it’s far from what we see today, it was clear that Superman was beginning to integrate some swag into his attire.

The “Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200” Look

Photo Credit: Washingtonpost.com

Newton’s pseudo hat movement soared to new heights when he sported Rich Uncle Pennybags' headpiece. Although he isn’t wearing the full tuxedo, it’s difficult to ignore the urge to pay him $50 to get out of Monopoly jail.

The “The Great Gatsby” Look

Photo Credit: Si.com

If you would have told me that Cam was Nick Carraway’s guest at one of Jay Gatsby’s parties, I would believe you. The skimmer and suit combo is a vintage look that was often seen in the early 1930s. Unlike many outfits, it isn't as colorful and boastful, yet, it's in a class by itself.

The “C’Mon Coach, I’m Fly, Don’t Bench Me” Look

Photo Credit: Latimes.com

A few weeks ago, the star QB failed to wear a tie on game day, and it resulted in him being benched. As you can see, Cam was well-dressed, but the rules are the rules. Despite the benching, Cam’s turtle neck and jacket game is strong. The colors offset each other, and it blends well with his headgear.

The "Did You Do Your Homework?" Look

Photo Credit: usatoday.com

This picture brings back memories of when I had to meet my mom's stoic look when I didn’t do my homework. That’s exactly the vibe that Cam is giving off.

As for the garments, the scarf has Ms. Doubtfire written all over it. Of course, the matching hat is his signature, and the sweater looks like Martha Stewart knitted it herself.

Despite having a look of disdain on his face, Cam attire is welcoming. Now, this is something I wouldn't rock, but I guess it works for him.

The "Not So Craig Sager" Look

Photo Credit: SBNation.com

Cam sported the checkered suit and exuberant hat to pay homage to former TNT analyst Craig Sager, who passed away last week after an ongoing battle with Leukemia. In an interview, Newton stated:

“I didn’t know him personally,” said Newton. “I just admired him from afar. My heart goes out to him and his family for just a person that went against the grain. I respect him for that. Being a person that looks at fashion for represent yourself or be able to explain or have some type of expression without even opening your mouth.”

The gesture by the star commendable, therefore he gets a pass for showing up to the game dressed like a Rubik's cube.

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