QOTD: Have Deflategate And Marshawn Lynch Made You More Interested in Super Bowl 49?

The last time we saw a football field (except those who watched the Pro Bowl), the Indianapolis Colts were wondering if the greater damnation was seeing New England’s Tom Brady still take the field late in the 4th quarter or the chance that Jimmy Garoppolo would get some garbage time.

The last time we saw the defending champs, they were catching their breaths after mounting another comeback in the NFC Championship Game. The Seattle Seahawks were riding bikes, shedding happy tears and screaming about perceived disrespect after stunning the Green Bay Packers.

This was 11 days ago.

By the time the NFL’s curtain call arrives, 14 days of absurd will have passed. Columbia University would have performed some version of CSI on the deflated footballs (you gotta be kidding me), more “hot takes” would have been typed about Marshawn Lynch’s relationship with football media, and the Skittles' "press conference" of America’s favorite irascible running back would have made about 6 million views on YouTube.

Considering how much these two issues have been discussed by Big Media, your favorite bloggers and your friends on social media, you may need a reminder that these men are playing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy this Sunday in the Super Bowl.

So, the Question of the Day: Between the Patriots’ Deflategate and handwringing/defending of Lynch, do either/both situations making you more interested in Super Bowl 49 or less?

This is a question of curiosity, but can you remember a time when the game itself — with two weeks of buildup to attract attention from those who didn’t watch a game during the regular season — felt tertiary (not even secondary)? Probably not.

There has been enough reflexive analysis of these two ordeals to make your head spin, including words from yours truly on the media coverage in relation to the scrutinized footballs. Yet, does this get you more hyped, or does it make you wish the NFL got this game over with?

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