HBO's 'Ballers': Season 2, Episode 4, 'World of Hurt'

In Episode 4 of Ballers, the Dallas Cowboys show faith in Vernon despite foolishly rupturing his Achilles tendon playing paintball. Ricky is in limbo about his new football home and his relationship with his father, ASM is not in good standing with Mr. Anderson, and Jason visits the sweaty ball sack of the South to recruit a new client.

Vernon Can Breathe (For Now)

After tearing his Achilles while playing paintball, Vernon was worried about his future with the Dallas Cowboys. In a conversation with the front office, the star defensive lineman expressed to them that the injury was a non-football injury. With the ink barely dry on his new contract, Littlefield was worried about being cut landing him in the unemployment line. In an impromptu press conference, Dallas backed Vernon as they told the press he was injured while working out and they also supported him as a member of the Cowboys noting that they will honor his contract. While Vernon, Spencer, and his team of peons -- Reggie and Nate -- waited as they inhaled Palo Santo, they lounged in excitement after being apprehensive. For Spence, his client maintained his position on the team meaning ASM has a client with a well-paid contract, and for Reggie, Nate, and Vernon, they can continue to live lavish.

Charles Greane Faces The Truth

In the twilight of Charles’ football career, it seems like nothing is going his way. After mulling the potential position switch from left tackle to right tackle he seemed to be at piece. Subsequently, after accepting his new role, the veteran met with Larry Seifert of the Dolphins front office and learned that he would be released. In pro sports we often see the good guys lose their positions due to finances and age in order to bring in new and unproven talent. Despite being released, Charles is at peace about the decision and was thankful for the opportunity. It’s yet to be determined if Charles will go back to selling cars, but if he gets to spend every day with his fabulous wife Julie, I don’t feel bad for him.

Tracy to ESPN?

Tracy, a local sports reporter who happens to be Spencer’s girlfriend, is pondering a career move that could possibly end the relationship between the two. Earlier in the season, she dealt with her supervisor’s sexual harassment, and from there she walked out of the door in fear of not knowing what was next. Although Tracy didn’t accept an offer to join our team at The Sports Fan Journal, she has an audition in Bristol, Connecticut with ESPN. When the news broke, Spencer appeared to express excitement verbally, but his face looked as he was hit with shocking news. Spencer knows that Tracy is great at what she does, and he knows that she could be a plane ticket away from leaving Miami.

Ricky’s on the Rocks

It’s a lot going on for Mr. Jerret. In Episode 3, Ricky appeared to be a shoe-in to sign with the New Orleans Saints. After consulting with his mooching friend TTD, he is continuing his free agency tour. Up next on the tour date is Buffalo. The Bills offered Jerret a contract over 3 years’ worth $32 Million. Although the offer is slightly more than New Orleans’ it doesn’t make sense for Ricky to entertain the Bills. I’m assuming Ricky didn’t consult with Marshawn Lynch before making the decision to entertain the offer. Memo to Ricky: Mr. Beast Mode knows a bit about the limitless options of entertainment, and of course—Applebee’s.

In other news, he is facing his quarrels about finding a new NFL home and his relationship with his father is on the rocks after the two got into a dispute at a bar. After a week of happiness, Ricky is nearing rock bottom in his personal and professional life.

Spencer faces Karma With Andre and Upsets Mr. Anderson

As the season progresses, I am starting to become a fan of Andre. Despite the fact he is known as a snake or even the devil to some, he’s not a bad guy. Until Andre fights a potential client, pops pills, or even steals pills from a client, I’ll pass on judging him. Spencer interrupts a meeting at the hotel with Victoria who is a part of Team Suh and Andre. To no surprise, Victoria isn’t content with Spence’s presence knowing that ASM and Spencer have not been keeping in frequent contact with Suh. Both Victoria and Andre continue to build their chemistry as Spence is present, it appears that Team Suh may be leaving ASM to team up with Andre. In the surprise meeting, Spencer left dejected. The feeling of Mr. Anderson being upset about the loss of a big client his feeling became a reality. Over chilled Bellini cocktails, the owner of ASM expressed his disappointment and wants more clients for the agency.

We will be back next week, see you then.

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