Podcast: Discussing Who The Top 10 QB's In The NFL Are Today


If you haven't seen our post on The Real Top 10 Quarterbacks In The NFL today, then catch up on it here.

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, the three amigos kick off the conversation by discussion who the top quarterbacks are in the NFL. Should a rookie quarterback like Robert Griffin III really be ranked in the top 10? What about Peyton Manning? Does he deserve to be higher or lower due to his past post-season successes and failures? Oh, and Kenny has the nerve to get indignant with Ed. Of course he does.

Then a discussion breaks out about the maturation process of Cam Newton. The man affectionately known as, "Swag Newton" as decided to reach out to the one and only Johnny Manziel to see if "Johnny Football" can be reined in before its too late.

Finally, a Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys conversation breaks out. Words are exchanged. Aggressive hip-hop music is played. Laughs are shared.

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