Podcast: Double Up With Steve White, Mike Felder And #theUCshow

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here in the e-offices of The Sports Fan Journal. Football season is now in full effect and our weekends are now 100% devoted to all things of the collegiate and the professional football variety. However, on Wednesday night the crew gets together for one-hour sessions of fellowship that we like to call Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

Quick story.

The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show was spawned about two and a half years ago. At the time, The Sports Fan Journal was just a figment of my imagination, Kenny Masenda stubbornly said he'd never work a job where he had to cut his savage-like beard, and Brandon Lewis was still finding his path as a wayward Texas Longhorns fan. Whenever something big or small happened in the sports world, or something just crossed our minds haphazardly, a phone call would happen.

One would call the other, either cussing and screaming, or questioning an uncertain reality. A dialogue would occur, points would be made. We'd need more perspective, and a third man would be called. On a three-way call, arguments would be had, comedy would ensue and enlightenment would occur for all to enjoy. In the middle of one of our three-way calls, I remember the light bulb going off in my mind. It went like this ...

"Man ... this is some brilliant shit we're talking about right now. People could possibly find this hilarious and this should be shared with the people ... I want a Hot Pocket ... we gotta get these dialogues to the people ... Damn she's fine ... we should start a radio show."

A few weeks later, The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show was created, and chicanery and tomfoolery have ensued every Wednesday since December 2009. Now, we're averaging 1,000+ listeners an episode and we've been fortunate to have Hall-of-Famers on our show like Ronnie Lott, entertainers like Big Boi and friends of the family like Jonah Keri, Bomani Jones and Kris Rothstein bless us with their presence.

Keep supporting our movement. We've got two podcasts to share with you today, mostly because we forgot to post last week's on here, but now you've got two hours of time to waste so you can make it through your Thursday.

Podcast #1: Tinsley and Ed chop it up with Mike Felder about Notre Dame's shenanigans and Trey hops on to talk about his prognostication of the Redskins' epic victory over the Saints in week 1.

Podcast #2: Tinsley, The Rev and Ed fight through technical difficulties (forward ahead to the five minute mark to get past the craziness) and chop it up with Steve White. Steve preaches the gospel about Jonathan Vilma, Roger Goodell and bounty-gate. Definitely worth the listen.

Other listening options for the people, be sure to check us out. iTunes: #theUCshow podcast on iTunes RSS: #theUCshow RSS feed Stitcher Radio: #theUCshow on Stitcher.

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