Podcast: The Angry Corner Strikes Again, Tuesday Edition

On this special NFL eve edition of The UC Show, Kenny goes on a rant about fast food, while Ed and Tinsley shake their heads and, eventually, jump in and share their frustrations as well. Kenny makes his visit in The Angry Corner an extended one by railing against the masses who have criticized Savannah State for their massacre at the hands of Oklahoma State and their impending match-up against Florida State this weekend. The discussion becomes heated, words are exchanged and fun times are had all-around. Kenny goes as far as to say if anyone should be ashamed, it is Michigan and you'll want to tune in to see exactly why such words were said.

Thanks to everyone for checking out the special edition of the show, and if you're in the DC area, make sure to slide through to the 3rd Annual NFL Kickoff Party hosted by LL Cool Chels and The NFL Chick tonight. Details can be found on their Twitter profiles. Let's get it!!

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