Starting Lineups: What Would You Be Willing To Trade On Your Favorite Team For Percy Harvin?

Evidently, Percy Harvin wants to be traded from the Minnesota Vikings.

Pelissero went on to talk about the relationship between Harvin and the great Randall Gene Moss from previous years, and their rocky relationship with then head coach Brad Childress. This made my day.

Also worth remembering how closely Percy Harvin stays in touch with Randy Moss, who is no stranger of going public to get his way. I'd heard from multiple sources that after Moss got cut in 2010, he called Percy daily, telling him "you need to get Childress fired." Five days after the cut, Harvin and Childress got into it, had to be separated, and Harvin ended up chucking a weight at him. -- Tom Pelissero, ESPN 1500

Anyway, back to the Harvin trade speculation. Yes, I know, it's too early to be talking about trades, especially since we don't even know if Minnesota will actually trade him but...would you want your team to trade for him? (Hey Jaguars, go get him.) OK, what would you be willing to give up? (Hey Jaguars, give up anything except MJD, Blackmon and a 1st-round pick.)

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, as you enjoy your pertinent reading material for Wednesday.

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