The Top 5 Landing Spots For Robert Griffin III

Just a few seasons ago, Robert Griffin III was the savior for the team that suited up in the nation's capital. After a playoff berth in his rookie season, his career appeared to be on the rise as one of best young talented players in the NFL. After a series of injuries and the changing of a head coach, RGIII's last few years in Washington were full of turmoil, heartbreak and failure.

After mishandling Griffin III's time in Washington, it was expected that his release was forthcoming. On March 7th, it finally became a reality. To the surprise of no one, the former NFL Rookie of the Year was finally let go by the team that traded for him in the 2012 NFL Draft. While he is seeking employment, he will not be relegated to look for a job on like most working class citizens in the United States. Several NFL teams will line up for the opportunity to sign the four-year pro out of Baylor University during the free agency period.

Being 26 years old is beneficial to Griffin as he has a lot of time to resurrect his career. Yes, his injury history is alarming for teams, but at the right price, he's definitely worth the risk. If placed in the right system, it is believed that he can play at a high level. Unlike four years ago, the RGIII bandwagon isn't what it once was, but that can all change with a new opportunity.

Let's take a look at five teams that could use the quarterback services of RGIII:

Cleveland Browns

Adding RGIII to the Browns will make him the 25th name on the quarterback jersey of sadness. Despite being on a long list of failed names, Griffin could be revitalized under the tutelage of new head coach Hue Jackson, who has a history of bringing the best out of his signal-callers. Last season, Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton had career highs in completion percentage, yards per attempt, quarterback rating, and a career low in interceptions. With Jackson working with RGIII, it could help him regain the confidence that he’s lost over the years, and it can also provide him with the stability that a young and mentally fragile quarterback needs. Griffin would also be reunited with fellow Baylor Bear Josh Gordon as well as other playmakers such as Brian Hartline, Gary Barnidge, Andrew Hawkins, and Terrelle Pryor.

Landing in Cleveland could also benefit him as I’m sure that there are plenty of young ladies in East Cleveland that would love the opportunity to tame RGIII’s infamous braids.

Dallas Cowboys

As Tony Romo approaches dinosaur status in football years, Griffin would be a great backup plan in “Jerry’s World.” Jason Garrett is great with quarterbacks when they have talent (sorry Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassell). With Romo at the helm, RGIII wouldn’t be a starter on day one, but he will have ample opportunity to play due to Romo’s list of past and current injuries. Being a backup to Romo isn’t a bad gig and it would give him a year under his belt to learn the nuances of the offense. Romo is known to be one of the most cerebral quarterbacks in football, and it would give Griffin a chance to learn from one of the best in the game.

Oh yeah, it would also be sort of a homecoming since Griffin is from Copperas Cove, Texas which is around 160 miles away from Arlington, TX.

Houston Texans

The 'other' NFL team in Texas is in need of consistent quarterback play. That is to say that with RGIII on the market, the move could bode well for the Houston Texans. Even at this stage of Griffin's career, he is a better quarterback than Brian Hoyer – and working with quarterback whisperer Bill O' Brien would just be an added benefit. The Texans aren’t in need of a lot outside of the QB position. The defense is solid with Justin James Watt leading the group, and the offense led by DeAndre Hopkins isn’t as bad as it is perceived to be. Last season they were ranked in the middle of the pack in points per game with 21.2 and in total offense averaging 347.8 – ranking them 18th in the NFL. Adding RGIII may not equate to a Super Bowl, but in the lowly AFC South, they could be the best team in the division.

Los Angeles Rams

The LA Rams are in need of a lot of help, and adding RGIII is an immediate upgrade over Nick Foles and Case Keenum. With a steady defense and potent running game, the Rams are just a few players away from being a legit contender in the NFC West. A read-option offense with Todd Gurley III and Robert Griffin III would be downright frightening for opposing defenses, but’s not a guarantee that Jeff Fisher would cater his offense to RGIII’s abilities. From a marketing standpoint, it would give fans the urge to see if Griffin III can resurrect his career donning ram crown on his helmet.

San Francisco 49ers

The pairing of Chip Kelly and Robert Griffin III would be intriguing, to say the least. These NFC East castoffs would get a chance to revitalize their careers in arguably one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. As the soap opera with the once bicep-kissing quarterback Colin Kaepernick is unfolding, finding his successor may not be a bad idea. Griffin is younger than Kap and course a lot cheaper. Kelly’s offense will utilize RGIII’s athleticism and big arm. As it was mentioned in 2014 in an interview with Mark Sanchez conducted by Matt Lombardo of

"How 'bout that, huh?" Sanchez told reporters with a laugh after the game. "I was expecting maybe a handoff or a quick screen. Ease my way in. But you know Coach (Chip) Kelly. […] If he was a basketball coach, he would bring you off the bench shooting three-pointers."

It’s safe to say if Kelly gave the fluorescent green light to Sanchez to take shots down the field, RGIII would have freedom to channel his days from his Heisman campaign at Baylor. The opportunities for him to flourish in Kelly’s system would be in the cards, but that all hinges on the 49ers are if they willing to take the gamble.

Despite the past few years of uncertainty for Griffin, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the quarterback. Changes of scenery have been something that many athletes have benefitted from during their careers. Getting a fresh start with a new coach, new system, and while in a new city can bring clarity and a fortifying feeling. With that said, RGIII may be next in line to reciprocate the success that he had in his earlier days in his career.

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