McGregor All but Confirms Dustin Poirier Trilogy Showdown

Following his loss at UFC 257 in January, Conor McGregor has posted on his social media, confirming a trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier.

Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor inside two rounds at Fight Island in Saudi Arabia. The Irishman was stunned by the American lightweight in the second round of their rematch. 

It was the first time McGregor has been knocked out in his professional career, as Poirier came away from the Octagon victorious. The reaction from the clash was a big one, with Poirier considered the underdog going into the fight. 

The pair had their first fight back in 2014, both as featherweights. McGregor won the fight this time, knocking out Poirier in the first round. However, the rematch was where Poirier levelled the score.

 Where does McGregor go next?

This defeat means McGregor has now lost two of his last three fights, with the other loss coming at the hands of Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

There were a lot of rumours and suggestions flying around at the time shortly after McGregor’s loss, but now he has spoken about the future of his UFC career. 

Reports suggested that there were a couple of different options available for McGregor following his defeat, including a possible trilogy clash with Nate Diaz. However, that doesn’t look like it will happen just yet, with McGregor speaking out on his social media.

 Conor McGregor’s Trilogy Confirmation?

Off the back of the defeat at UFC 257, McGregor and Poirier spoke later that night, with the Irishman exclaiming “we’ll do it again”. 

Fast forward to last weekend, McGregor posted a lengthy caption on an Instagram video that showed highlights of his loss against Poirier. The lightweight starts the post with: “What a trilogy I now have on my hands. Exciting! 

“With a handle on the leg kicks I will get back to having fun in there. I was in second gear cruising this fight. Best condition I’ve ever been in. 

“After the wrestling and clinch exchanges my shots still held their pop. First time for me with this so I am very encouraged to keep going”.

In the post, The Notorious One adds his in-depth thoughts of the bout, and goes into detail about the specifics of the fight. However, the post is finished by McGregor saying: “A well fought fight by The Diamond. 1 apiece now with a trilogy bout for all the marbles! Wow!

“Not a trilogy I was expecting, nor the tactical affair I was anticipating, but I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t meant to be. This is exactly how this was always meant to be! Buzzing!!!”.

It’s clear that Conor McGregor is looking forward to a trilogy fight to be officially confirmed with Dustin Poirier, as they both look to win it all going toe-to-toe in the UFC Octagon one final time.

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