Poirier vs McGregor 2 — Best Bookies for McGregor Betting

Despite announcing his retirement once again for the third time, Conor McGregor is officially back this weekend, and Conor betting options make a return as he squares off against America’s own Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. It’s been well over six years since the two last shared the octagon. Poirier has improved massively as a fighter and gone on to have a great career, while Conor has become an icon and global superstar.

What's likely to change?

The first fight between McGregor and Poirer took place in Las vegas back in 2014. The bout lasted just 1 minute and 42 seconds, with McGregor winning by TKO - just as he had predicted, dubbing himself “Mystic Mac” for the first time in the process. A lot will be different this time around, with both fighters being more accomplished and matured. So what can we expect to change?

Conor’s Confidence

As you’d likely expect, we once again find Conor betting on himself to win in the first round again. However Poirier will likely have learned from last time around and from the overall experience gained as a fighter since then. We therefore see the fight going on e a little longer. However, the general feel among the experts and the bookies is that a McGregor KO/TKO victory will be on the cards, it’s just a question of when. 

Below we’ve taken a look at the best bookies for McGregor fight betting, as well as the odds and specials that they’re offering.

McGregor Betting - The Journal’s Choice

If you’re looking for the best odds Conor McGregor win, then MetMGM is marginally the best option on the market. However given that Conor is the heavy favorite, the odds are set at a not-so-generous -304. For those of you looking to back an upset, FanDuel is the most generous bookie, offering odds of +265. Given that McGregor has only gone the distance twice in his career, and that he has won the vast majority of is UFC fights by KO/TKO, backing a McGregor KO/TKO/DQ doesn’t offer you much value with any bookie, with odds averaging around the -175 mark.

The Most Likely Outcome - Where Can We Add Value to Your McGregor Fight Betting Choice?

While we wouldn’t go as far as saying that backing Poirier would be a fool's bet, it’s definitely something of a long shot, and therefore not worth sticking any substantial amount of money on. So considering expert opinions and the bookmakers, let’s take a look at the most likely outcome - that McGregor will win by TKO. With the best odds averaging -175 to back a McGregor TKO win, there’s not enough value to make that a tempting bet unless you’re willing to risk a lot of capitol.

McGregor Betting - Picking the Round

We then therefore need to look at where we can add value to your Conor betting KO/TKO bet, and the best way to do so is by picking the round. McGregor saw off Poirier in the first round back in 2014, and Mystic Mac has predicted that he’ll do the same again. This is where the bookies and the experts appear divided - DraftKings are offering +195 on a first round McGregor win, with the odds only getting longer thereafter. The majority of experts, however, are backing Poirier to stay in the fight a little longer - and with DraftKings offering +450 on a second round McGregor win, that looks pretty tempting.

So What’s the Best Overall Bookie for McGregor Fight Betting?

Given that we’re going for round betting here, DraftKings is the go to bookie overall, as they offer that little bit extra value on their odds. For example, then compared to William Hill, DraftKings are offering +450 on a McGregor second round win compared to +450, with the odds for other rounds being proportionately larger. 

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