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NFL Week 10 - betting spreads, odds and more

Week 10 of the NFL 2021/22 season has already started, with the Miami Dolphins beating the Baltimore Ravens 10-22 on Thursday night. 

Sunday brings the usual bulk of the action, including an interesting game as the Seahawks travel to Green Bay. 

This is followed by no less than two round of Monday night football, as Cheifs @ Raiders is followed by Rams @ 49ers. 

Below, we’ve provided you with the latest NFL betting spreads and odds courtesy of BetMGM

Stay tuned for a review of NFL week 10 and a look toward week 11 in episode 5 of the Sports Fan Journal Podcast, which will be released next Friday! 

NFL betting spreads week 10 - the ones to watch

The first game on Sunday brings one of a few big spreads, as the Dallas Cowboys are -9.5 favorites when they host the Atlanta Falcons. 

Other big spreads include the Clots being -10.5 favorites at home against the Jaguars and the Bills being massive -13 road favorites at the Jets. 

The Bucs are -9.5 road favorites in Washington, while the high flying Cardinals are -10 at home to the Panthers. 

The tighter spreads

The toughest game to call in the eyes of the sportsbooks is the Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots. The Patriots are slender -2 favorites and game that looks like it could go either way. 

The other tight game of week 10 is the MNF game, where Super Bowl finalists are -2.5 road favorites at the Raiders in Las Vegas. 

The Broncos and the Titans are both -3 home favorites for their respective games against the Eagles and the Saints. 

NFL betting spreads and odds - full list week 10

All of the spreads and moneyline odds are correct at the time of writing and have been provided by BetMGM.

Sunday November 14

Atlanta Falcons: Spread: +9.5 (-110) Moneyline: +325

Dallas Cowboys: Spread: -9.5 (-110) Moneyline: -275

New Orleans Saints: Spread: +3 (-115) Moneyline: +125

Tennessee Titans: Spread: -3 (-105) Moneyline: -150

Jacksonville Jaguars: Spread: +10.5 (-110) Moneyline: +400

Indianapolis Colts: Spread: -10.5 (-110) Moneyline: -500

Cleveland Browns: Spread: +2 (-110) Moneyline: +110

New England Patriots: Spread: -2 (-110) Moneyline: -135

Buffalo Bills: Spread: -13 (-110) Moneyline: -650

New York Jets: Spread: +13 (-110) Moneyline: +475

Detriot Lions: Spread: +8.5 (-110) Moneyline: +310

New York Jets: Spread: -8.5 (-110) Moneyline: -400

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Spread: -9.5 (-110) Moneyline: -450

Washington Football Team: Spread: +9.5 (-110) Moneyline: +350

Carolina Panthers: Spread: +10 (-110) Moneyline: +400

Arizona Cardinals: Spread: -10 (-110) Moneyline: -550

Minnesota Vikings: Spread: +3.5 (-115) Moneyline: +150

Los Angeles Chargers: Spread: -3.5 (-105) Moneyline: -175

Philadephia Eagles: Spread: +3 (-120) Moneyline: +120

Arizona Cardinals: Spread: -3(+100) Moneyline: -145

Seattle Seahawks: Spread: +3.5 (-110) Moneyline: +155

Green Bay Packers: Spread: -3.5 (-110) Moneyline: -185

Monday Night Football: November 15

Kansas City Cheifs: Spread: -2.5 (-115) Moneyline: -135

Las Vegas Raiders: Spread: +2.5 (-105) Moneyline: +115

Los Angeles Rams: Spread: -4 (-110) Moneyline: -190

San Francisco 49ers: +4 (-110) Moneyline: +160

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