The Five Scariest Football Players of My Generation

Yesterday Mike Golic put up his five best players of all time and although I am not arguing with his list, I just didn’t get to see some of the guys on his list play football. As an avid sports fan and athlete, I’ve heard the stories and I have seen some clips but I haven’t seen the body of work that most of the guys he had on his list put together outside of Reggie White and Ray Lewis.

After watching his list, I decided that I would put my own list together of the scariest players that I’ve seen play in my generation. Since I am a man in his mid 30’s my list will probably be a little different than yours, but still I am sure you cannot argue with anyone on my list.

5 – Reggie White, Defensive End

The “Minister of Defense was a beast and he could do work on the football field. Reggie would take the soul of the men in front of him and make them weak until he beat their confidence into oblivion. Reggie was the first defensive lineman of his era who could rush the passer, stop the run, and do it in a variety of ways. No doubt he was a pioneer of his time.

4 – Mike Singletary, Middle Linebacker

Mike Singletary was a dominant force. Even to this day when he speaks, he makes people shiver. The eyes of Singletary were devastating. They made people look away as he was undoubtedly an intimidating force. Singletary wasn’t the fastest, biggest, or strongest, but he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time with the big hit.

3 – Ronnie Lott, Free Safety

When I say Lott, you don’t even have to ask which one. The man brought the pain like no other in this league before him. He was a linebacker playing defensive back. Lott was the reason so many receivers in that era had to retire a little early as he would drop the bomb with big hits on the opposing players who entered his domain.

2 – Ray Lewis, Middle Linebacker

Ray Lewis is still an intimidating force. Of all the people on the list, he is probably the only one that I wouldn’t want to meet in an alley today. Seriously Ray Ray is a real ball hawk and has been so since entering the league in 1996. No one can boast the accolades and big hits that Ray has in my years of watching football.

1 – Lawrence Taylor, Outside Linebacker

LT “The Original” changed the face of football. LT is the reason that left tackles make so much money today. LT may be the only person in the history of the game that has made coaches change plays and protections every week to account for him. The man was indestructible and could make any play on the field. No doubt in my mind he is the number one player on this list.

Others to be considered:

HM – Steve Atwater Free Safety

HM – Derrick Thomas Outside Linebacker

HM – LeRoy Selmon Inside Linebacker

I could go on and on but these guys stand out to me.

Stay Breezy ~ I’m Out!

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